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Trial Kumon Mathematics or English as a second subject, obligation free, in May 2024


With Kumon’s second-subject Free Trial in May, students currently enrolled in either Kumon Mathematics or English can trial the other subject for two weeks, for free. Students who study both Kumon Mathematics and English:

  • Learn the fundamentals of both maths and English — the foundations for success in all subjects at school
  • further strengthen study habits and concentration
  • have a greater sense of achievement and motivation.

To register for our second-subject Free Trial in May, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Contact your Kumon Instructor to register your interest
  2. Discuss your child’s second-subject assessment and study plan with your Instructor
  3. Have your child study the second subject during the month of May
  4. Meet with your Instructor to discuss your child’s experience studying the second subject


  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across centres
  • Places are limited and acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The Free Trial consists of worksheet study over two weeks during May
  • Late registration may result in a shorter Free Trial
  • Operating procedures at each centre will vary
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Mathematics)
  • Offer not available at all centres
  • There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

To find your Kumon centre’s contact details, visit:

Experience Kumon Mathematics or English for two weeks in May, for free


At Kumon, confidence begins with the basics. Trial Kumon English or Mathematics over two weeks and find out how we develop a strong foundation for future learning. With the basics in place, students have the confidence they need for success at school.

Follow these four easy steps to register:

  1. Contact your local Kumon centre to register for an information session
  2. Have your child assessed for Kumon Mathematics or English, and discuss a study plan
  3. Arrange for your child to study worksheets and attend classes over the two-week Free Trial period
  4. Meet with your Instructor to discuss your child’s Kumon experience.


  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across centres
  • Places are limited and acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Participation in an information session is mandatory prior to your child participating in the Free Trial
  • The Free Trial consists of worksheet study over two weeks during May
  • Late registration may result in a shorter Free Trial
  • Operating procedures at each centre will vary
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Mathematics)
  • Offer not available at all centres
  • There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

Please visit this link to find your nearest Kumon centre:

To read about a current Kumon student who previously experienced a Free Trial, please visit:

Kumon to reopen in South Morang, VIC


Julie Donceva, Instructor of Kumon South Morang Education Centre, VIC

Kumon is returning to South Morang in Melbourne’s outer north, to help all local children develop their mathematics and reading ability.

The new Kumon South Morang Education Centre will be operated by Julie Donceva, a former school teacher who specialised in supporting children living with learning disabilities. Julie has lived locally in the area for nearly 30 years and her own children attend a nearby Kumon centre.

“My first contact with Kumon was over 12 years ago when I enrolled my three boys”, Julie says. “I witnessed first-hand the dramatic impact Kumon had on the educational improvement on each of them.”

The centre reopens on 2 April at a new venue, 2/1 Danaher Drive South Morang VIC 3752. Classes will run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 3pm to 7pm, and all day on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Julie believes that families will greatly appreciate the centres’ flexible schedule and that Kumon will play a highly positive role for the local community.

“Kumon is one of the best academic investments that parents can provide for their children”, Julie says.

“Apart from gaining knowledge in English and mathematics, Kumon students develop the discipline of self-learning. Self-learning – trying to find the solution for the problem, correcting mistakes independently and learning from them – will be the main pillar that Kumon students use as a foundation for their academic life”.

To enrol or to learn more about Kumon South Morang, please contact the centre directly:

Chloe builds confidence and comprehension ability through Kumon English


 Through studying the Kumon English programme all the way to completion, 11-year-old Chloe has developed a passion for reading, and the comprehension ability equivalent to that of a senior high school student.

Furthermore, Chloe’s achievements in Kumon English helped her to build strong self-confidence, something that she said she was lacking when she first started Kumon.

“When I first walked through the doors of Kumon, I was shy to show my abilities during tasks that I was given”, Chloe says. “But after settling in, I started to build confidence in myself, and develop strong study habits, solid reading comprehension skills, perseverance and the motivation for learning independently”.

Chloe believes that completion of Kumon English will be of great benefit to her in school and beyond.

“Kumon has provided me with all the solid fundamentals for my future endeavours, and will also help me through my school journey to experience ease and success”, she says.

Chloe also studies the Kumon Mathematics programme at a level that is five years ahead of her school grade. She is currently studying logarithms and calculus in her worksheets.

Kumon continues partnership with Athletics West throughout 2024


In both athletics and academics, achieving goals begins with grasping the basics. As such, Kumon Australia and New Zealand is proud to continue its support of Athletics West.

The ongoing partnership means that Kumon will support the 2024 Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS), which introduces school pupils in Perth to athletics through fun-based games and activities. Kumon will also be attending several Athletics West events throughout the year.

“We are proud to continue this partnership and to support young people in Western Australia to be the best versions of themselves, both on the track and in the classroom”, said Joanne Adam, Division Leader of Kumon WA.

Should you wish to learn more about this partnership, contact Kumon via our enquiry form.


Meet the new Instructor of Kumon Caroline Springs Education Centre!


Jatin Agarwal, new Instructor of Kumon Caroline Springs (right), with Kelly Chew, a franchise development consultant from Kumon’s Melbourne office.

Kumon Caroline Springs Education Centre, in Melbourne’s outer west, is now operating under the guidance of a new Instructor, Jatin Agarwal.

Jatin first discovered Kumon shortly after he migrated to Australia as a student in 2007. He worked as a Kumon centre assistant during this time.

“Being new to the country, I felt very lonely and disconnected to the community”, Jatin says. “It was then that I came across Kumon and started working as a centre assistant at a local Kumon centre. Helping kids nurture their potential gave me a sense of satisfaction and provided me with a sense of belonging and connection to the local community”.

Jatin would go on to complete his masters degree in microelectronics degree with a bachelors in electronics and communications engineering, and embark on 13-year career in the networking and communication industry as an engineer and architect. However, he never forgot about his time with Kumon.

When the previous Instructor of Kumon Caroline Springs decided to retire, Jatin saw this as the perfect opportunity for him to give back to his community.

“I am a first-generation migrant to Australia, like most of the local community at Caroline Springs”, Jatin says. “I connect to these families, and understand their journey and outlook towards education”.

“With its individualised structure, Kumon will help nurture every student’s maximum potential. It will provide them with the right foundation in mathematics and reading, and build self-discipline and focus in students”.

Kumon Caroline Springs has also relocated to a new venue at CS Hub Office 7, Level 1, 34 Commercial Road, Caroline Springs, VIC 3023. Classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 3:30pm to 7pm.

To learn more about Kumon Caroline Springs or to enrol, please contact the centre directly:

Through focusing on the basics in Kumon, Joshua develops confidence in mathematics and reading


Joshua with his Kumon certificate and medal in recognition of studying Mathematics and English at level that is one year ahead of his school grade.

Through his dedicated study of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, 10-year-old Joshua has gone from falling behind to making strong progress in class.

Joshua was enrolled into Kumon Mathematics and English in February 2022, when he was in Year 3. Now, he is in Year 5 at school and is an advanced student studying both programmes at a level equivalent to one year ahead of his school grade. Last year, Joshua also received an academic certificate from his school for demonstrating excellent skills and understanding in a mathematics test.

Joshua says there are many ways that Kumon is helping him, both in school and elsewhere.

“I help my mum work out sums when she needs me to”, he says. “In school, it is awesome when I already know the maths work before we start it in class. This helps me with my confidence”.

Joshua says he is considering becoming a tradesperson when he grows up. He believes that strong calculation ability is an important skill for his future.

Brigetta, Joshua’s mother, says Kumon’s structure and focus on the basics was of great benefit to her son.

“I think the Kumon programme took my child back to basics. Then it really solidified his learning as he moved through the levels”, Brigetta says. “It’s been really helpful for him because he’s grown in skill and confidence as he’s hit each milestone”.

Brigetta also says that his Kumon Instructor was able to individualise and tailor the programme around Joshua’s learning needs, which includes managing ADHD, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. As Kumon is a home-based, daily study programme, Brigetta says while it is not easy and perseverance is required, Kumon’s benefits for students make it worthwhile.

“Give Kumon a good go”, she says. “It does take some serious perseverance from both parents and children, but your child will definitely reap the rewards later and gain confidence in their own abilities. It cements their learning at school and seeing Joshua’s face light up every time he passes a module or does well in a test at school is just so wonderful”.


Kumon – celebrating 40 years in Australia!


Throughout Kumon Australia and New Zealand’s 40-year history since our establishment in 1984, we have achieved many milestones. During this time, over one million children have relied on Kumon to develop essential mathematics and reading skills through studying Kumon worksheets. In September 2023, we achieved another milestone, with over 59,000 enrolments – our highest ever.

Furthermore, as of December 2023 we were proud to surpass 10,000 Kumon programme completers.  Each of these students has developed confidence, a daily study habit, self-learning skills, and a high level of mathematics and reading ability.

Our achievements demonstrate Kumon to be a trusted, dependable brand, with Instructors and staff who are dedicated to improving learning outcomes for children. Kumon Instructors collect and observe data specific to each child’s learning situation by reviewing their completion time, accuracy, ability to correct mistakes and motivation levels. With this information, Instructors are able to identify which worksheet is best suited for each child to study next.

This means Kumon Instructors can support each student to study at a level that is just right for that child. At this level, students who need to build on foundational concepts are supported. Those who can be challenged by more complex work are extended. Our students progress at their own pace, not bound by age and school grade.

In tandem with expert guidance from Kumon Instructors – who provide individualised study plans, provide regular progress updates, and support students to develop self-learning ability – we firmly believe that our step-by-step worksheets are the best way to develop students’ calculation and reading ability.

Thank you to all our Kumon students, parents and Instructors. We could not have made it this far without you. We look forward to supporting even more students to pursue their potential for the next 40 years and beyond.

Kumon Mathematics and English comes to Oran Park, NSW


Theresa Alcasabas, Instructor of Kumon Oran Park Education Centre.

Kumon is now available in Oran Park, NSW, to help all local children develop a high level of calculation and reading ability.

Kumon Oran Park Education Centre is led by Instructor Theresa Alcasabas, a former School Principal in the Philippines. She also holds a masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management, and a Certificate IV in Education Support in Australia.

Theresa holds a lifelong passion for education. She firmly believes that Kumon will greatly contribute to her local community.

“I firmly believe that education is a key to a better future”, Theresa says. “I want to make sure that all children will have the opportunity to develop and use their potential”.

“With the Kumon Method, I am confident that we will provide children with opportunities to stay one step ahead and advance beyond school grade level, become independent, and learn valuable skillsets”.

Kumon Oran Park Education Centre is located at LPC House, Suite 2.03, 3 Fordham Way Oran Park, NSW 2570. Afternoon classes run from 4pm to 7pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Saturday morning classes are also available from 9am to 12pm.

To learn more or enrol, please contact Kumon Oran Park directly:

Kumon enters into third year of partnership with Little Athletics NSW


Both Kumon Australia and Little Athletics NSW recognise the values of persistence, practice and hard work in order for young people to achieve results. As such, Kumon Australia and New Zealand is proud to continue its support of Little Athletics NSW throughout 2024.

The ongoing partnership means that Kumon will sponsor the 2024 Kumon Primary School Carnival to be held through August and the LANSW Coach of the Year Award in July. Kumon will also support various local Little Athletics NSW events throughout 2024.

“2024 is a year of milestones for Kumon, as we celebrate both our 40th year in Australia and the third anniversary of our partnership with LANSW”, said Steven Sou, Division Leader of Kumon NSW.

“We are confident this will help even more young children grow into confident, well-rounded adults who thrive both inside and outside the classroom”.

Chris Giles, CEO of Little Athletics NSW, said he is thrilled to see the partnership extended for another year.

“The work that Kumon does to empower the young learner aligns so much with the work that Little Athletics centres do to develop the skills of Little Athletes”, he said. “I look forward to sharing another exciting year of events and activities with the team at Kumon”.

Should you wish to learn more about this partnership, contact Kumon via our enquiry form.

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