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Alan continues his advanced Kumon Mathematics study, virtually


Virtual study with Kumon provided 6-year-old Alan a flexible way to continue his strong learning progress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alan has been enrolled into Kumon since he was in kindergarten. He studies the Kumon Mathematics programme two years ahead of his school grade level. Once the COVID-19 pandemic reached Australia and New Zealand, his father Dhinesh transferred Alan from in-centre to virtual study.

“I have my elderly parents living with me, so I and my family wanted to cut down the risk of exposure to COVID as much as we could”, Dhinesh says. “I think that was the key factor in our decision to have Kumon completely at home.”

Alan, meanwhile, says he really enjoys studying Kumon at home with virtual support.

“It’s really, really quiet and with no distractions and it makes my dad spend more time with me,” Alan says.

Virtual study involves Alan attending virtual classes once or twice a week. In addition, he studies his Kumon worksheets for a small amount of time each day at home. His parents support by marking and recording the results.

Alan’s Instructor supports by creating an individualised study projection, providing regular progress updates to his parents, and assisting Alan to solve a difficult problem when he can’t work it out for himself.

Alan would like to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Some Kumon centres throughout Australia and New Zealand are offering options for virtual mathematics and English study. Should you wish to learn more, we welcome you to contact your nearest Kumon centre.

Ginger and Saxon continue making strong progress via virtual study


Due to the combined virtual and in-centre support provided by Kumon during COVID-19, siblings 9-year-old Ginger and 11-year-old Saxon continued to make strong progress in their learning.

In 2020, Ginger and Saxon transitioned to virtual study of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes. During this time, they attended virtual classes once or twice a week, and studied their Kumon worksheets for a small amount of time each day at home.

While it was a sudden change in study modes, it benefited both siblings.

“At home [my learning environment] is kind of more relaxed. There’s not a lot of distractions here,” Saxon says.

Ginger agrees with Saxon. She says virtual study improved her concentration.

“You don’t have distractions, it can help you concentrate, and you can do it by yourself”, Ginger says.

Chris, Ginger and Saxon’s father, says while it took a bit of time to settle into virtual study, it proved to be flexible and beneficial for the family.

“A lot of the marking and recording was handed over to us”, Chris says. “It brought us challenges some days, but after a while I think I got into a routine of marking regularly and recording the results. And our Instructor kept in contact.”

“We diligently kept going through it all. The Instructor checked in a lot to see how the kids were travelling.”

Ginger wants to become an archaeologist when she grows up. Saxon hopes to join the military.

Ginger and Saxon are now both attending some in-person classes with Kumon. Throughout their period of virtual study, they continued to make strong progress. Some Kumon centres throughout Australia and New Zealand are offering options for virtual and in-centre mathematics and English study.

Should you wish to learn more, we welcome you to contact your nearest Kumon centre.

Kumon supports Srihari to enter selective school and excel throughout life


With the support of Kumon Mathematics and English, 15-year-old Srihari achieved entry into the academically selective Nossal High School in Melbourne.

Srihari, who began Year 11 high school this year, enrolled at Kumon Narre Warren Education Centre when he was in Year 4. Srihari since completed both Kumon Mathematics and English programmes.

Srihari says this has been of great benefit for him throughout school, especially when he was preparing for the selective school entry test.

“Kumon helped me extensively to prepare very well in the selective entry exam,” Srihari says. “Kumon taught me the fastest way to solve problems, which in turn allowed me to attempt and solve more questions within the exam’s allocated time.”

His father, Sriram, says Kumon provided Srihari with great support, while he studied for entry into selective school.

“Getting into Nossal was a great achievement [for Srihari],” Sriram says. “I think Kumon helped him there a fair bit, not only from a content point of view but also a motivation point of view.”

“The centre knew he was preparing for the entry exam, so there was a lot of support provided, and encouragement as well.”

Srihari says the discipline and daily study he developed in Kumon still helps in high school, and will continue to help him in later life.

“I still use the Kumon concepts and methods in my day-to-day learning, and Kumon has also helped to with my resilience and to understand that no question or task is too hard,” Srihari says.

Srihari intends to pursue a career in commerce or finance when he graduates from school.

Zarif develops discipline and confidence through Kumon


While supporting him to excel in mathematics and English, Kumon helped 10-year-old Zarif to developed the required discipline to maintain a balanced life.

Zarif, who studies the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes five years ahead of his school grade level, is also an avid cricket player, pianist and swimmer. The daily study involved in Kumon, helped Zarif to build the personal attributes he needs to keep up with his schedule.

“Kumon helped me in building self-confidence, persistence, and consistency”, Zarif says. “It taught me to maintain a routine and disciplined life.”

Zarif is positive he will succeed in attaining his future goals.

“I am very happy about my achievements. I have certainly raised the bar for me,” he says. “Thank you, Kumon, for all the motivation and appreciation to make things happen. Kumon will help me prepare for selective school and securing greater success in life.”

Zarif studies at Kumon Narre Warren Education Centre. He hopes to become a scientist when he grows up. His mother Somaiya says she believes Kumon can support any child’s development.

“Studying both Kumon Mathematics and English supports the development of the student’s numeracy and literacy skills”, Somaiya says. “I highly recommend Kumon to students who not only need some help in their studies, but also to students who want to excel.”

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From falling behind to budding computer scientist


With Kumon’s help, 19-year-old James Jovanowski turned around his performance in school and achieved entry into his preferred university.

James now studies a double degree Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. But he was not always so strong in his academics. By the time he started high school, James was falling behind his classmates.

So, James enrolled into the Mathematics and English programmes at Kumon Hurstville Education Centre. He began to see improvement shortly afterwards.

“I believe Kumon helped drastically in terms of my mathematical performance”, James said. “Literature-wise, it also did help. It taught me how to take a step back and look at how the texts, or how words or sentences flow from one to the other.”

James also said Kumon is still helping him to this day at university.

“In terms of my personality, Kumon did help me to develop resilience”, he explained. “When I have to go through my exam book,  or when I have some assignments, quizzes, exams due, when it’s all piling up, I make sure to keep a clear mind and push forward.”

“It’s very rewarding to know that at the end of the day, you’ve powered through and you’ve done the best that you can.”

After graduating from university, James hopes to work in software development or computer science.

Kumon partners with Little Athletics NSW


We are pleased to announce Kumon Australia and New Zealand has entered into a partnership with Little Athletics NSW.

Kumon understands the connection between healthy bodies and healthy minds. Eating nutritious food and undertaking regular exercise helps students achieve their best, both on the sports field and at school.

Students and athletes also both understand the importance of persistence, practice and hard work in order to achieve results. This is why Kumon and Little Athletics have chosen to work together throughout 2021.

“When our students encounter a new problem, they keep trying until they are able to solve it. They also understand that the right amount of practice lays the foundation for smooth progress. This is similar to young athletes who keep trying and continue practising until they achieve their goals”, said Esther Head, Public Relations Division Leader at Kumon Australia and New Zealand.

“When Kumon and Little Athletics NSW realised the synergy between our organisations, we negotiated a partnership.”

This partnership means Kumon will support the 2021 Kumon State Combined Carnival, to be held from Saturday 6 March to Sunday 7 March in Wollongong, the Little Athletics NSW Coach of the Year Award, and various local Little Athletics NSW events throughout 2021.

“We welcome Kumon to the Little Athletics NSW family knowing that we both encourage development by providing opportunities for personal growth,” said Rebecca Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at Little Athletics NSW.

“We promote education, sportsmanship, self-esteem and the development of life skills through engaging in athletics, very similar to the way Kumon provides opportunities to their students”.

Should you wish to learn more about this partnership, please feel welcome to contact Kumon via our enquiry form:

Kumon Mathematics and English now open in Cabramatta, Sydney


Kumon Mathematics and English has come to Cabramatta, Sydney, to support all children to develop their mathematics and English ability.

Kumon Cabramatta Education Centre will be led by Leigh Duong, who is also a Kumon parent. Leigh was inspired to open Kumon Cabramatta because of the benefits Kumon had for her own children. Leigh wants to see more children experience these benefits.

“Kumon will provide opportunities to families and students from all walks of life to develop a love of mathematics and reading”, Leigh said.

Kumon Cabramatta is located at 125 Cabramatta Road East, NSW, 2166. It is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3:45pm to 6:45pm, and on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Should you wish to enrol or to learn more, please feel welcome to contact Kumon Cabramatta directly:


Tan builds foundation to excel in selective school


By completing the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, 17-year-old Tan Nguyen has the skills to excel throughout selective school and later in life.

Tan, now in Year 12 at school, enrolled into Kumon Wollongong Education Centre when he was in Year 7. Tan said his studies at Kumon have helped him greatly throughout selective schooling.

“Kumon has helped me understand and hone my ability with fundamental mathematic topics such as algebra and calculus, as well as improving my English ability”, Tan said “However, I believe the greatest benefits of Kumon is the way it fosters characteristics such as perseverance, discipline, and the ability to independently learn, which has been carried over to other subjects outside of Maths and English.”

Tan hopes to major in mathematics and statistics at university. He will continue to use the skills he learnt at Kumon in university.

“Learning new things and skills will still be a big part of my life so that I’m able to further my career”, Tan said. “Kumon has helped me develop key characteristics that will enable me to further develop myself professionally and as a person.”

Kumon places Abeer on path towards becoming a mathematician


By studying the Kumon Mathematics programme at a level that is five years ahead of his school grade level, eight-year-old Abeer is well on his away to achieving his dream of becoming a mathematician.

Abeer, who begins Year 4 this year, comfortably studies Year 9 level mathematics at Kumon Byford Education Centre. Abeer says because of his advanced study at Kumon, he is confident in the classroom.

“Kumon gave me resilience, confidence, and taught me to never give up”, Abeer says.

Abeer loves to problem solve and is particularly interested in equations. This is why he would like to become a mathematician when he grows up.

Joyna and Dharmendra, Abeer’s mother and father, enrolled their son into Kumon to develop him into an independent learner.

“Kumon is a self-learning process. The children are encouraged to study the worksheets and find out the answers on their own”, Joyna and Dharmendra say.

“If they struggle somewhere, then the Kumon Instructor will help them. So, that is the most important thing I think, I wanted my kid to be an independent learner.”

Joyna and Dharmendra say they were very proud when they found out that Abeer was studying Kumon Mathematics five years ahead of his school grade. Abeer also studies the Kumon English programme three years ahead of his school grade.

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