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Kumon connects with The Mathematical Association of South Australia


As our two organisations are equally dedicated to helping children discover their passion for mathematics, Kumon Australia is proud to be connecting with The Mathematical Association of South Australia in 2024.

Among a range of activities, Kumon will be a sponsor for MASA’s Annual Conference held on 18 and 19 July, as well as the MASA Quiz Night held on Wednesday 14 August, where the state’s top students will showcase their mathematical acumen.

Michael Susanto, Section Leader of Kumon South Australia, says he is excited about the connection.

“Our Kumon Mathematics programme complements the excellent work of school teachers”, he says. “By working with MASA and Kumon can help even more students to discover a love for mathematics.”

Jarrad Strain, MASA President, says he is appreciative for Kumon’s support.

“Kumon’s generous support for the high-quality professional development for teachers at the 2024 MASA Annual Conference and promoting community engagement through 2024 MASA Quiz Night, demonstrates our common passion for supporting mathematics education in South Australia,” he says.

MASA aims to provide professional development for mathematics teachers, while striving to advance and promote the learning of mathematics. Kumon is the world’s largest afterschool mathematics and reading programme. Operating for forty years in Australia, over one million children have relied on Kumon to develop essential mathematics and reading skills.

To learn more, please contact Kumon via this enquiry form:

Kumon opens in Toorak Gardens, SA


Jessi Xian, Instructor of Kumon Toorak Gardens Education Centre

Kumon is now available in Toorak Gardens in Adelaide’s inner-eastern suburbs, to help all local children develop a high level of calculation and reading ability.

Kumon Toorak Gardens Education is led by Jessi Xian, a Kumon Instructor with 18 years of experience. Jessi began her career by opening Kumon Burnside Education Centre in 2006, which she continues to own and operate. She then acquired a second Kumon centre in Tusmore in October 2023, which is now relocating to Toorak Gardens.

Jessi is confident that her new Kumon centre will be invaluable for the Toorak Gardens community.

“Kumon Toorak Gardens will a hub for learning”, Jessi says. “It will help to spread the Kumon method in the community, and give more opportunities to children to experience success through self-learning”.

Kumon Toorak Gardens is located at 367 Greenhill Road, Toorak Gardens SA 5065. Classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3pm to 6:30pm.

To enrol or learn more, please contact Kumon Toorak Gardens directly:

Advanced study with Kumon brings Joshua one step closer to achieving his goals


Nine-year-old Joshua, with his Kumon awards and medals

Through studying the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes more than three years ahead of his school grade, 9-year-old Joshua is developing the skills that he will need to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor.

Joshua, in Year 4 at primary school, is studying simultaneous equations, monomials and polynomials, and factorisation in his Kumon Mathematics worksheets. In Kumon English, he is learning to summarise one paragraph of a passage independently, while being conscious of the context of several paragraphs. These are concepts not usually encountered until Years 7 and 8 of high school.

Joshua says that studying ahead with Kumon is helping him in many ways.

“By being ahead in school grade, Kumon has helped me to understand new topics more easily.” Joshua says. “It makes me feel very confident and better prepared. My schoolwork is quite easy and I approach it very confidently.”

“Solving tough problems also motivates me to keep challenging myself and improving further. Kumon is aiding me to be a level up in both maths and English. I’m thrilled to see that my hard work is reaping rewards.”

Joshua is aiming to be a doctor when he grows up. He is confident that his current learning with Kumon will help him to achieve this aspiration.

“I want to become a doctor because I’m passionate about helping people and caring for the sick,” Joshua says.

“Kumon has helped me to develop strong mathematical skills, English language proficiency and problem-solving skills. These will be invaluable assets for my career and everyday life situations in the future. Discipline and perseverance are useful tools that I have acquired through Kumon.”

Jude, Joshua’s father, says he chose Kumon because he wanted his son to develop confidence in the basics of mathematics and reading. And now that Joshua has developed this foundation, the individualised approach of Kumon, whereby capable students can study ahead of their school grade, is helping to keep him engaged.

“Studying ahead with Kumon helps Joshua to stay focused, challenged, and prevents boredom because it opens new topics up all the time.” Jude says. “He’s able to go through the material with relative ease, and then get accustomed to solving new problems.”

“This gives him a good foundation to face future academic and non-academic challenges. Then because of that, he’s growing more in confidence, and he’s motivated.”

Kumon student Tilly achieves Young Archie finalist entry


Tilly, drawing in her artbook.

For 12-year-old Tilly, Kumon is not only helping her improve in mathematics but also to thrive as an artist.

Tilly, in Year 6 at school, has been studying with Kumon for six months. During this time, she has been revising the basics of mathematics and growing in confidence. She was enrolled into Kumon due to gaps in her learning caused by the long lockdowns in Victoria.

“Maths has always been my weakest subject, and knowing that I’m getting better at it has boosted my confidence going into other subjects,” Tilly says.

Tilly also has a creative streak as an artist. From over 4000 submissions, a portrait painting completed by Tilly is one of 70 finalist entries in the 2024 Young Archies, a competition for teen and child artists that runs parallel to Australia’s prestigious Archibald Prize for portraiture.

“The painting was of my granddad. He was a painter in New Zealand, and I thought it’d just be really nice to paint him for the entry,” Tilly explains.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from finishing a painting. You can look back at what you accomplished with your hands and your brain, and I think it’s just really satisfying.”

Katherine, Tilly’s mother, says she is proud of her daughter’s achievement.

“We’re really happy because I think she did struggle with lockdown and there was some anxiety about returning to school”, Katherine says. “Then just seeing her get stuck into something and watching her create something and then enter it into the Young Archies, was just such an achievement.”

“We were proud of her no matter what, but then to get told that she had made it as a finalist was just amazing.”

Kumon is a daily study programme, in which students develop a study routine through completing small amounts of work each day. This is similar to how Tilly puts in daily efforts to complete an artwork, requiring her to apply self-discipline and patience.

Tilly says that Kumon is helping her to develop these attributes. Katherine agrees.

“Tilly’s always been quite creative from a young age. Kumon’s helped her balance that creative mind with her practical side,” Katherine says. “I’m now finding her to be more focused, more organised, and doing better overall.”

“I think Kumon’s given her confidence in mathematics and elsewhere. She knows that she can do something that she was previously struggling in, which encourages her to apply herself a bit better in her art.”

Harjas builds her foundation for future success with Kumon


Harjas, with her medal commemorating her achievement of studying a Kumon programme more than five years ahead of school grade

Whatever 11-year-old Harjas chooses to accomplish in her future, she has built a strong foundation through dedicated study of Kumon Mathematics and English.

Harjas began her Kumon journey nearly seven years ago in Auckland, before her family’s recent move to Melbourne. Harjas studies Kumon Mathematics close to five years ahead of her school grade level – where she is currently learning about square roots, quadratic equations, inequalities, functions and graphs, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

“Kumon keeps me ahead of my class every year,” Harjas says. “The structured routine has made me one of the highest achieving students [in school] and boosted my confidence in mathematics.”

Harjas also previously studied the Kumon English programme, for which her mother Jasmeen attributes Harjas’s love for reading books.

Being in Year 6 in primary school, Harjas will commence her first year of high school next year. Harjas says she feels ready.

“As I finish primary school, the skills and knowledge I gained from Kumon will be valuable in high school,” Harjas says. “Kumon has given me problem solving skills, discipline, and a strong work ethic for future success.”

Jasmeen also observed that Kumon’s benefits for Harjas go beyond the classroom.

“I would say that Kumon’s not only boosted Harjas’ confidence levels, but it instilled a sense of fearlessness towards academic challenges as well as social challenges,” Jasmeen says. “When a child has high confidence levels and isn’t struggling academically, they tend to excel not only in their studies but also in their social interactions.”

“It’s made Harjas more interactive and adaptable in various settings, not just in a classroom.”

Harjas is considering becoming a neurosurgeon or lawyer as potential careers, but this may change as she grows older. Whatever Harjas chooses to accomplish later in life, Jasmeen says the skills her daughter acquired from Kumon will be invaluable.

“Kumon’s laid down a strong foundation for Harjas’s future aspirations,” Jasmeen says. “Kumon has instilled self-discipline and a daily study habit, which I believe will stay with her for life. She has learned that no problem is insurmountable; there is always a solution. This is something Harjas has undoubtedly gained from her experience with Kumon.”

Trial Kumon Mathematics or English as a second subject, obligation free, in August 2024


With Kumon’s second-subject Free Trial in August, students currently enrolled in either Kumon Mathematics or English can trial the other subject for two weeks, for free. Students who study both Kumon Mathematics and English:

  • Learn the fundamentals of both maths and English — the foundations for success in all subjects at school
  • further strengthen study habits and concentration
  • have a greater sense of achievement and motivation.

To register for our second-subject Free Trial in August, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Contact your Kumon Instructor to register your interest
  2. Discuss your child’s second-subject assessment and study plan with your Instructor
  3. Have your child study the second subject during the month of August
  4. Meet with your Instructor to discuss your child’s experience studying the second subject


  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across centres
  • Places are limited and acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The Free Trial consists of worksheet study over two weeks during August
  • Late registration may result in a shorter Free Trial
  • Operating procedures at each centre will vary
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Mathematics)
  • Offer not available at all centres
  • There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

To find your Kumon centre’s contact details, visit:

Experience Kumon Mathematics or English for two weeks in August, for free


At Kumon, confidence begins with the basics. Trial Kumon English or Mathematics over two weeks and find out how we develop a strong foundation for future learning. With the basics in place, students have the confidence they need for success at school.

Follow these four easy steps to register:

  1. Contact your local Kumon centre to register for an information session
  2. Have your child assessed for Kumon Mathematics or English, and discuss a study plan
  3. Arrange for your child to study worksheets and attend classes over the two-week Free Trial period
  4. Meet with your Instructor to discuss your child’s Kumon experience.


  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across centres
  • Places are limited and acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Participation in an information session is mandatory prior to your child participating in the Free Trial
  • The Free Trial consists of worksheet study over two weeks during August
  • Late registration may result in a shorter Free Trial
  • Operating procedures at each centre will vary
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Mathematics)
  • Offer not available at all centres
  • There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

Please visit this link to find your nearest Kumon centre:

To read about a current Kumon student who previously experienced a Free Trial, please visit:

Meet the new Instructor of Kumon New Lambton Education Centre!


Adelyn Neill, the new Instructor of Kumon New Lambton Education Centre

Kumon New Lambton Education Centre, in Newcastle, NSW, is now operating under the direction of a new Instructor, Adelyn Neill.

Coming from a professional background in corporate accountancy, Adelyn is also a Kumon parent. Adelyn saw the positive impact of Kumon study on her own son, and this inspired her to become an Instructor.

“The most important and valuable parts of the Kumon Method is the development self-learning skills”, Adelyn says.

“As a Kumon parent, I have witnessed my 15-year-old son apply the skill whilst he is in Year 10. Being able to study any new topic at school, with limited assistance, gives him abundant confidence in his own abilities”.

Kumon New Lambton is located at 2/97 Russell Road, New Lambton, NSW 2305. Classes operate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm to 6:15pm.

To learn more about Kumon New Lambton or enrol, please contact the centre directly:

Kumon’s focus on the basics helps Adriana to regain her confidence


Adriana, 12 years old, studying a Kumon worksheet

Adriana, 12 years old, has a vibrant and outgoing personality. But, in Year 5, her mother Lera noticed her daughter was starting to lose confidence – and she couldn’t work out why.

It turned out that Adriana, who is now in Year 7 of high school, was starting to struggle in her studies, particularly in mathematics.

“Then a NAPLAN test came along and Adriana didn’t do as well as other kids in the class”, Lera explains. “For Adriana’s standards, she didn’t do good at all. That’s when I started exploring options to try and see what we can do”.

Lera enrolled Adriana into the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, which started by taking her back to the basics before moving onto more advanced concepts. Now, Adriana has made strong progress through the English programme. She is also studying Kumon Mathematics at a level equivalent to more than one year ahead of school grade.

“The results have come through quite quickly”, Lera says. “In the space of probably nine months, Adriana caught up to her school grade level and she was just flying through it. It was good that she started from the basics, learning the basics again and filling in the gaps.”

Now, Adriana has confidence in the classroom, Lera says, and is eager to continue learning.

“I think Adriana has stopped worrying about not being as good as other kids”, Lera says. “This has just massively helped her socially as well, because she stopped being down on herself.”

“As soon as we started seeing results, we didn’t want to stop Kumon. We asked Adriana as well, ‘Would you like to stop?’ She herself who started seeing the results said, ‘No, I don’t want to stop Kumon. I want to keep going.’”

Adriana says her Kumon studies are helping her greatly throughout school and will continue to benefit her later in life.

“For English, I can put that knowledge towards my job if I want to be a journalist, which I have thought about. Or if I want to be a mathematician, I can use all my maths learning in that career”, Adriana says.

“I will always do my best and put my knowledge and understandings and being towards what I’m going to do. I will never give up and I’ll always do my best.”

Kumon opens in Pakenham John Street, VIC


Pooja Sivakumar, Instructor of Kumon Pakenham John Street Education Centre.

John Street, in the heart of Pakenham, VIC, is now home to a brand-new Kumon centre, to help all local children to develop a high level of mathematics and reading ability.

Kumon Pakenham John Street Education Centre is led Pooja Sivakumar, who also owns and operates the Kumon centre in nearby Officer. From her prior career experience as a Kumon Instructor and centre assistant, Pooja has a deep understanding of how the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes can support all children.

“I chose to become a Kumon Instructor because I have a genuine passion for children’s education and a strong belief in the effectiveness of the Kumon Method”, Pooja says.

“During my time as a centre assistant, I witnessed firsthand Kumon’s positive impact on students and was impressed with the system’s ability to empower students to reach their full potential. This, coupled with my desire to make a meaningful difference in students’ lives, led me to pursue a career as a Kumon Instructor”.

Kumon Pakenham John Street is located at Shop 7/11-13 John Street, Pakenham, VIC 3810. Classes operate on Monday and Friday afternoons from 3:30pm to 7pm, Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm, and on Saturday mornings from 10am to 11am.

Pooja is looking forward to nurturing many students in her second centre.

“I am excited about the journey ahead, and look forward to making a positive impact in the lives of my students and their families”, she says.

To learn more about Kumon Pakenham John Street or to enrol, please contact the centre directly:

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