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kumon maths english forest lake

Natira wins scholarship through the support of Kumon Maths and English


Through hard work and dedication to his Kumon Maths and English studies, 11 year old Natira from Kumon Forest Lake Education Centre has been offered an academic scholarship for high school next year.

Natira has studied Kumon Maths and English programmes since 2013. Kumon Maths and English develops quick, precise calculation skills necessary for the study of high school mathematics, and strong reading comprehension ability.

Kumon students’ also progress at an individualised pace best suited to their ability.

Natira has completed Kumon English. He is studying Kumon Maths at the Year 10 high school level. He aims to finish the programme in the next two years.

“Kumon helped me by making me smarter. It’s given me more knowledge and information that will help me in my future”, Natira says.

Rany, Natira’s mum, says Kumon helped Natira to grow into an independent learner.

“Natira’s learnt a lot of patience, discipline, concentration and confidence”, Rany says.

“He’s learnt how to focus on the job in front of him.”

kumon learning digital age

Pencil and paper learning in the digital age


Thousands of parents across Australia and New Zealand have chosen Kumon to support their children’s maths and English learning. What makes a 60-year-old pencil and paper programme appealing for modern families in the 21st century?

To answer this question, we interviewed Robert, a Sydney-based dad who holds degrees in engineering and physics. He has extensive career experience in many fields involving mathematics.

Robert enrolled his son into Kumon when he was in Year 3. What influenced him to choose Kumon Maths over the many other offerings available?

Well, it’s because Kumon is a pencil-and-paper programme. When investigating the options available for his son’s maths learning, Robert found many other programmes are computer based. He certainly did not want more screen time for his son. Robert believes children should practice maths problems by writing them out, erasing their errors, and writing the problem out again, until they get them right, without relying on calculators or computers.

“Kids are overdosing on computers,” Robert summarised.

Robert’s son has completed Kumon Maths. He can solve calculus problems that undergraduate university students face.

Students, computers and learning

Robert’s assertions that computer-based learning isn’t any better than learning with pencil and paper, are supported by the OECD report, Students, Computers and Learning. The report found when computers are used in the classroom, their impact on student performance is mixed at best. Furthermore, students who use computers very frequently at school perform poorly in most learning outcomes. The results also show no significant improvements in reading, mathematics or science in countries that invested heavily in digital technology for education.

The report proposes that technology can distract from valuable human engagement between educator and student. This is something Robert valued highly in Kumon. Robert felt his son’s Kumon Instructor was across every single one of her students’ progress. The Kumon Instructor knew exactly how to structure the programme for his son, according to his individual needs. If his son ever got stuck, he would seek face-to-face support from the Kumon Instructor.

This real-life human interaction between educator and student is valued highly by parents in an increasingly online education environment.

kumon advanced students australia

Advanced Student Forum 2019: Celebrating students’ effort, achievement, potential


Each November, Kumon Australia and New Zealand celebrates the effort, achievement and potential of our most advanced students at the Advanced Student Forum events.

These events celebrate the achievements of students who have completed the Kumon Maths or English programme, and those who study a Kumon programme five years ahead of their school grade level.

This year, we have lined up speakers who we hope will inspire our most advanced students to consider how they will make a positive impact, as they continue to learn and progress.

We celebrate these students’ achievements on the following dates:

  • Sydney: Sunday 10 November – Guest speaker, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM – Macquarie University
  • Perth: Sunday 10 November – Guest speaker, Dr Craig Challen OAM – Perth Town Hall
  • Melbourne: Sunday 10 November – Guest speaker, Felicity Furey – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Canberra: Saturday 16 November – Guest speaker, Kimberley Brennan – National Museum of Australia
  • Auckland: Sunday 17 November – Guest speaker, Logan Williams – The Cordis Hotel
  • Adelaide: Sunday 17 November – Guest speaker, Felicity Furey – The University of Adelaide
  • Brisbane: Sunday 17 November – Guest speaker, Marita Cheng – State Library of Queensland.

We congratulate all of our students invited to these events, and acknowledge the unwavering support and care from out students’ families. We look forward to celebrating their outstanding progress, and hope they leave the ceremony inspired and confident for their future.

learning kumon future children

Kumon: A learning method for the future


“The only safe prediction is that the future will be different to the present”, wrote Australian economist Ross Gittins in The Sydney Morning Herald, March 2017. He’s right. We don’t know for certain what our future will look like.

How do we prepare children for the future? Where does Kumon fit?

Learning how to learn

Kumon, at its core, prepares learners for ‘the unknown.’

In Kumon, ‘the unknown’ are topics students encounter for the first time in our worksheets when they progress beyond their school grade level. Outside of Kumon, ‘the unknown’ could be new industries, new technologies, new organisational structures, anything.

Our Instructors help students to learn in a very unique way. Kumon Instructors don’t explain to students how to solve problems, rather Instructors guide students to find the answer on their own. They first let students attempt the worksheets by themselves, and focus on developing in students the mindset, and skills, for self-learning. This prepares students for the future.

The skills and mindset for self-learning

Working independently and with new concepts is an important part of Kumon. Through this, students develop critical thinking skills. Critical thinking requires the systematic deconstruction of problems. This is followed by the production of a logical solution. Kumon worksheets allow this through examples, introductory problems and other design features that facilitate this process.

Through the process of correcting their worksheets, Kumon students are trained to think critically even when they make an error. Before making their corrections, students review their work on their own, locate errors and only erase parts of the answer where they see an error. This process trains the student to verify their own understanding and compare it with the example provided in the worksheet.

Kumon also prepares students for the future by developing their resilience and determination. Through the process of persevering in study, children develop a sense of their own capabilities and feel positive when they get the answer right. This develops our students’ enthusiasm for challenging themselves.

As summarised by Toru Kumon, the late founder of Kumon, “We hope [our students] will then continue learning by themselves even after going out into the real world, and grow up into people who are proactive in everything they do”.

kumon maths english upper coomera

Kumon Maths and English comes to Upper Coomera, Queensland


Kumon has come to Upper Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast, to support maths and English learning of all students in the area.

Kumon Upper Coomera Education Centre is led by Instructor Shilpa Shetty. She is a Coomera local who realised that Coomera children, including her own son, were missing out on Kumon’s benefits.

“I want to help children to become confident developing their study habits and work skills”, Shilpa says.

“I want my students to reach for the stars”.

Kumon Upper Coomera Education Centre is located at 90 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera. It is open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Shilpa believes  Kumon will be a great benefit to the local community.

“Kumon can provide a positive learning environment for all children to achieve in primary, secondary and tertiary education”, Shilpa says.

“This in turn would help them to become contributing members of the community.”

To enrol at Kumon Upper Coomera Education Centre or to find out more information, please contact Shilpa on 0413 866 741 or email

Kumon summer giveaway

Kumon summer giveaway!


Have you stopped to consider your family’s holiday plans for 2020? Perhaps you’re hoping to spend time on the beach? The ski slopes? Or, take some time exploring the Gold Coast theme parks? If so, would a $5,000 Flight Centre travel voucher make your holiday more achievable?

Over summer, Kumon will be offering a Summer Giveaway to all currently enrolled families. One lucky family from Australia and another from New Zealand will win a $5,000 Flight Centre travel voucher. To participate, all families need to do is stay enrolled for the months of December 2019 – February 2020.

As a secondary prize we will also offer a $100 movie voucher per region (WA, SA/NT, VIC/TAS, NSW/ACT, QLD, NZ). How great does that sound?!

At Kumon we know the value of continuous study over the summer holiday. For Kumon students, this can be a time to consolidate learning when the daily routine is less busy. We look forward to supporting your family with flexible study options that would best suit you and your children’s schedule and learning goals for 2020.

The Summer Giveaway draw will take place on 10 March 2020 and we look forward to announcing our winner on our website and on social media.

Terms and conditions apply.



1.    PromotionKumon Summer Giveaway
2.    PromoterKumon (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 74 002 776 383) of Level 14, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood, NSW, 2067, Australia (“Kumon”)
3.    Promotional PeriodStart date: 01/11/2019 at 12:00 am (AEST)

Entry close date: 9/03/2020 at 23:59 pm (AEST)

End date: 26/03/2020 at 23:59 pm (AEST)

4.    Eligible EntrantsEntry is open only to students who are enrolled with a Kumon centre during the months of December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020 consecutively (“Eligibility Requirement”). Children of Kumon staff and instructors are not eligible for this competition.
5.    How to EnterEligible Entrants are automatically entered into the Promotion during the Promotional Period.

Any person who does not wish to enter the Promotion may opt out of the Promotion by notifying their instructor, whereupon the Promoter shall withdraw the student’s entry (which shall become ineligible).

Eligible Entrants are not permitted to enter into the Promotion multiple times.

6.    Prize DetailsMajor Prize

DetailsQuantityValue (per Prize)
Travel Voucher by Flight Centre1


AUD $5,000


The Travel Voucher will be purchased in October 2019 and will be subject to validity and terms and conditions as are determined by Flight Centre Travel Group Limited.

Minor Prize

DetailsQuantityValue (per Prize)
Movie Voucher to Hoyts CinemasTotal of 5, consisting of:

–        1 in WA;

–        1 in SA/NT;

–        1 in VIC/TAS;

–        1 in NSW/ACT;

–        1 in QLD.


5 × AUD $100


Total prize value is AUD$5,500

7.    How to WinOne (1) winner will be randomly drawn for the Major Prize from the total pool of valid entries.

One (1) winner will be randomly drawn for the Minor Prize for each region specified in part 6 above, from the pool of valid entries for that region, for a total of five (5) winners.

The winner of the one (1) Major Prize will not be an eligible entrant in the draw for the Minor Prize.

8.    Draw DetailsThe draw will be conducted at 3pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 at the Promoter’s address by using a computerised random selection system established by the Promoter.
9.    Winner NotificationThe winner will be notified by a phone call on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 as well as by email. The winner’s names will also be published on the Promoter’s website (“Website”) ( and Facebook page (“Facebook”) ( on Wednesday, 11 March 2020.
10. Prize Claim Date and TimePrizes must be claimed by 3pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.
11. Unclaimed PrizeA redraw will occur for any unclaimed prizes at 3pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 25 March 2020.

The winner of the unclaimed prize draw will be notified by a phone call on Thursday, 26 March 2020 as well as by email. The winner’s names will also be published on the Website and Facebook page on Thursday, 26 March 2020.

12. Prize ConditionsThe Prize must be collected by the winner in person in accordance with any instruction given by the Promoter.

The Prize cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.

Use of the Major Prize voucher may be subject to availability as well as additional terms and conditions as are determined by Flight Centre Travel Group Limited. Use of the Minor Prize voucher may be subject to availability as well as additional terms and conditions as are determined by The HOYTS Corporation Pty Ltd.

13. Permit NumberAuthorised under:

–        SA Permit Number: T19/1739

–        NSW Permit Number: LTPS/19/38985

–        ACT Permit Number: TP 19/04414


Terms and Conditions

Entering the Promotion

  1. By entering the Promotion, the entrant is deemed to accept these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and the Schedule. The entrant agrees and acknowledges that they have read and are bound by the Terms and Condition and the Schedule.
  2. Parents/guardians of an Eligible Entrant who is under the age of 18 years agrees and acknowledges that they have read the Terms and Conditions and the Schedule, and consent to the entry of the Eligible Entrant. All parents/guardians may be required by the Promoter to enter into a further agreement as evidence of such consent.
  3. The Promotion will be conducted during the Promotional Period.
  4. The Promoter may, at its absolute discretion, invalidate an entry if an entrant cancels or suspends his/her enrolment with Kumon such that it results in the entrant not fulfilling the Eligibility Requirement (as set out in the Schedule).

Winner and Prizes

  1. The draw will take place at the time, date and location as stated in the Draw Details of the Schedule. The entrants are not required to be present at the time of the draw.
  2. The Prize is as stated in the Prize Details of the Schedule.
  3. The winner will be published and notified in accordance with the Winner Notification of the Schedule. It is the responsibility of the winner to check the winner notification on the Website and Facebook.
  4. The winner must participate and co-operate as required in all reasonable marketing and editorial activities relating to the Promotion, for no additional consideration, and consents irrevocably to the Promoter using their name, footage and photographs in all media Australia and New Zealand wide.
  5. The Prize will be awarded to the person named in the winning entry. The Promoter may require winners to provide such documentation as may be reasonably necessary for identification and verification of eligibility. Identification considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion.
  6. The winner may be required to sign a legal release as required by the Promoter in its absolute discretion prior to receiving the Prize.
  7. The Prize cannot be awarded to a third party. The winner must not transfer or assign their right to a third party before the award of the Prize.
  8. The Prize is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. If the Prize is unavailable for any reason, the Promoter may substitute for that Prize another item of equal or higher value as determined by the Promoter, subject to the approval of the relevant gaming authorities if required.
  9. If the winner chooses not to or is unable to claim the Prize before the Claim Date and Time (per the Schedule), the winner shall be deemed to forfeit the Prize and the Promoter is not obliged to substitute the Prize.
  10. The Promoter may, in its sole discretion, disqualify all entries from, and prohibit further participation in this Promotion by, any person (including without limitation a winner) who tampers with or benefits from any tampering with the entry process or with the operation of the competition or acts in violation of these conditions, acts in a disruptive manner or acts with the intent or effect of annoying, abusing, threatening or harassing any other person or behaves in a manner which may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related bodies corporate or the agencies or companies associated with this competition, is contrary to law or is otherwise inappropriate.
  11. If the Prize has not been accepted or claimed in accordance with the Prize Claim Date and Time, the relevant winner’s entry will be deemed invalid and the Promoter will conduct such further draws in accordance with the Unclaimed Prize as are necessary to distribute the Prize, subject to any requirements of the relevant gaming authorities.

Limitation of liability

  1. The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury, illness or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with the Promotion, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law), including without limitation losses arising:
    1. while undertaking any activity in or connected with their entry into the draw;
    2. in the participation or use of any prizes;
    3. as a consequence of late, lost or misdirected mail;
    4. due to the publication of any material, including any statement made by any staff member, journalist, other entrants or any other persons.

Nothing in these conditions restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

  1. Without limiting the previous paragraph, the Promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any damage, loss or delay in the transit or delivery of the Prize.
  2. In the case of the intervention of any outside act, agent or event which prevents or significantly hinders the Promotor’s ability to proceed with the Promotion on the dates and in the manner described in these Terms and Conditions and the Schedule, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, natural disaster, the Promotor may in its absolute discretion cancel the draw and recommence it at a later date.
  3. The winner indemnifies the Promoter and its associated agencies and companies against any liability, injury, loss or damage which may be suffered, incurred or sustained by the Promoter and its associated agencies and companies arising out of, relating to, or in any way connected with, any act or omission (including negligence) by the winner, or its use of the Prize, or its breach of the Terms and Conditions and the Schedule.
  4. If for any reason any aspect of this Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including by reason of computer virus, communications network failure, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failure or any cause beyond the control of the Promoter, the Promoter may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion, or invalidate any affected entries, subject to the approval of the relevant gaming authorities if required.
  5. The Promoter is not liable for any tax implications (including duties and levies) arising from prize winnings. The entrant must seek their own independent financial advice in relation to any tax implication. Where this competition involves, for GST purposes, supplies being made for non-monetary consideration, entrants will follow the Australian Taxation Office’s stated view that where the parties are at arm’s length, goods and services exchanged are of equal GST inclusive market values.
Kumon maths english mirrabooka

Kumon Maths and English comes to Mirrabooka, Perth


Kumon Maths and English has come to Mirrabooka, Perth, to support all children’s learning in the local area.

Kumon Mirrabooka Education Centre is led by Instructor Lynn Yavu-Kama.

“I’m thrilled to open Kumon Mirrabooka Education Centre on my tenth anniversary as a Kumon Instructor”, Lynn says.

“I am also honoured to have helped so many children to achieve their goals. As such, I cannot wait to welcome more families in the Mirrabooka area into the Kumon Maths and English programmes.”

Lynn also leads Kumon Dianella Education Centre. Furthermore, she is strongly engaged with the progress of all her students.

“A strong relationship with parents and children, and the desire to achieve very best for each student, are my core tenets as an Instructor,” Lynn says.

To learn more about Kumon Mirrabooka Education Centre or to enrol, please contact Lynn on 0421 035 509 or email

kumon maths english willoughby

Kumon Maths and English comes to Willoughby, Sydney


A former Kumon Maths and English student is now a Kumon Instructor. Eddie Kim is the new Instructor of Kumon Willoughby Education Centre.

During the 1980s, Eddie was a Kumon student at Kumon Bondi Junction Education Centre, the first Centre to open in Australia.

Eddie’s experience as a Kumon Maths and English student was a driver for him to open Kumon Willoughby Education Centre.

“When I heard that Instructor Sue Leffers was still at her Centre, this made an impression on me. I’m also a Kumon parent of a six year old daughter”, Eddie explains

“Having seen the Kumon Maths and English Programmes from all sides and experiencing their benefits firsthand, I look forward to providing a unique perspective of Kumon to all families in Willoughby and surrounding areas.”

Prior to becoming a Kumon Instructor, Eddie worked in a range of fields, including hotel management, financial accounting and management, and maths tutoring.

Eddie says the personalised nature of Kumon Maths and English means can benefit all students.

“Kumon is for students of all ages, even pre-kindy”, Eddie says.

“At Kumon Willoughby, we can provide an enjoyable environment of learning that nurtures students’ foundational literacy and numeracy skills.”

Kumon Willoughby Education Centre is located at Willoughby Park Centre. It is open on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15pm – 6:15pm.

For more information or to enrol, please contact Eddie on 0411 340 999 or email

Supporting early learning, the Kumon way


Nine in ten Australian children and six in ten Kiwi children under four are enrolled in formal early learning. As such, it’s reasonable to argue there is strong recognition among parents in both countries of early learning. Therefore in this article we discuss the importance of early learning and the role that the Kumon Programmes can play.

The importance of early learning

Defined as formal learning programmes or curriculums that provides education, outside of the home, prior to a child entering primary school, quality early childhood education lays the foundation for children to grow into lifelong learners. 

This is due to the rapid development of children’s brains during their early years. At the age of three, a child has 1000 trillion brain synapses. These synapses are the tiny connections between neurons; the cells that make up a person’s brain and central nervous system.

As the child grows older, these synapses are naturally and selectively pruned by the brain  By adolescence, it’s estimated an individual’s brain has 500 trillion of these synapses. And this process isn’t random.

“It is the experiences and relationships that infants and young children have that continuously develop their brains and build the neural circuits that will be the foundation for later development”, summarises the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) in a fact card.

This isn’t to say that teens and adults can’t learn new things. Rather, quality early education experiences, from infancy to the beginning of high school, build the foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.

How Kumon supports the growth of our youngest minds

Kumon has long recognised the importance of early learning in supporting children to reaching their potential.

“Children display astonishing progress if exposed to right stimuli during infancy”, stated Toru Kumon, Kumon’s late founder.

“The ability of preschoolers is limitless but we [adults] are the ones who draw out their potential.”

Kumon’s approach in supporting early learning is to develop students’ basic foundations in maths and English.

Through Kumon Maths, early learners develop their counting ability. Those who are ready hone their calculation skills through solving problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In Kumon English, early learners learn to read words, phrases and sentences. They are also instructed on properly writing letters and spelling words. Those who are ready progress to reading and summarising passages from texts.

This article appeared in the second 2019 issue of Potential magazine. Please feel free to read more here. 

School, sport, Kumon Maths and English: Seth packs it all into a busy schedule


Hockey, karate, Kumon; 12-year-old Seth is a busy boy. Despite his schedule, the Year 6 student can comfortably study Kumon Maths and English ahead of his school grade level.

Seth is two years ahead of his school grade in Kumon Maths and one year ahead in Kumon English. In Kumon Maths, he covers content that Year 8 students are working through. In Kumon English, he is interpreting excerpts from books like Weather Eye by Lesley Howarth.

Kumon Maths and English are personalised after-school tuition programmes. Advanced students can go ahead to study content that is above their school grade, while those who may be falling behind can go back to practise and revise.

Seth has been recently selected in the Southern Tasmanian U12 representative team as goalkeeper. He is also an orange belt in karate.

“Like studying Kumon every day, I know that to do well in hockey and karate, I have to be dedicated”, Seth says.

Seth studies at Kumon North Hobart Education Centre, which is ranked as one of three best tutors in Hobart. This Centre is led by his mother Carmel Davies.

“Seth was really why I opened Kumon North Hobart Education Centre in 2017”, Carmel explains.

“He was still spelling phonetically when we moved from WA to Tassie while he was in Year 2; I think he missed out on something fundamental earlier on. I think the practise built into both Kumon Maths and English was key”.

Carmel also says that Kumon’s benefits go beyond academics.

“It’s helped Seth develop positive habits, created routine, so he can manage his studies as well as all his other extracurricular activities”, Carmel says.

Seth’s story was also covered in the Hobart Observer. Click here to read more. 

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