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The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method was born from a parent’s love for his child.

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a high school maths teacher, found that his son in Year 2 primary school had done poorly in a mathematics test. Slow, imprecise calculation skill was the reason. This concerned Toru Kumon as a parent, and as a mathematics teacher. He had taught many high school students who struggled with mathematics for the same reason.

Toru Kumon began to hand write worksheets so his son could practise calculations by himself for half an hour every day. Day after day, Toru Kumon carefully matched the content to his son’s improving ability. Soon, his son progressed beyond school grade level.

By the end of primary school Toru Kumon’s son could solve calculus equations. Encouraged by his son’s progress, in 1958, Toru Kumon released the Kumon Method of Learning.


At Kumon, learning is individualised

In Kumon, worksheets are matched to students’ current ability. The most advanced students are extended and the least advanced supported. Each makes progress at their own pace, not bound by age and school grade.

Today, more than 4.2 million students, in over 55 countries, study Kumon worksheets every day. There are more than 54,000 students studying with Kumon in Australia and New Zealand, each progressing according to ability.


The Kumon Method has four key aspects. Click on the headings to learn more about each one.

1. Learning at the ‘just-right’ level
Kumon ensures that students always study worksheets at their ‘just-right’ level – the spot between study material that is too easy and too difficult.

2. Self-learning
When students advance ahead of school grade level in the Kumon worksheets, they learn for themselves what they are yet to be taught at school. When they encounter something new, they study the example, draw on previous learning and give it a try. Students try, and try again, until they finally get it.

3. The Kumon worksheets
Kumon worksheets enable students to develop self-learning skill.

4. Kumon Instructors
Kumon Instructors discover and draw out the potential of each individual student. Our Instructors achieve this through observation of each student, paying careful attention to academic ability and personality. Instructors then provide effective support to ensure that a student always studies at the ‘just-right’ level. Instructors track and acknowledge each individual student’s growth, and offer praise and encouragement.


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