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The role of a Kumon Instructor

Instructing and guiding, not teaching

Kumon worksheets are designed to allow students to advance through self-learning. However, there are times when students encounter problems they don’t understand or cannot to solve on their own.

At times like these, Kumon Instructors find out how much the students understand before providing hints towards the correct answer. Instructors might also show students relevant example problems or previously studied material to help them solve difficult problems on their own.


Maximising the potential of each individual

Kumon Instructors discover and draw out the potential of each individual student.

Our Instructors achieve this through observation of each student, paying careful attention to academic ability and personality. They then provide effective support to ensure that a student always studies at the ‘just-right’ level. Kumon Instructors track and acknowledge each individual student’s growth, and offer praise and encouragement.



Kumon is a partnership between student, parent and Instructor. The student studies their worksheets every day.

Parents encourage their children to complete their worksheets every day at home to the best of their ability. Daily practice is essential for progress.

The Instructor creates an individualised study projection for each student, assigns the worksheets they are ready to learn next, and develops the skill of self-learning in students. Instructors also provide regular progress updates.

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