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Learning at the ‘just-right’ level

What is the ‘just-right’ level?

All students have varying levels of academic ability. If students study the same content simply because they are of the same age, some students lose confidence because the material is too difficult while others become bored because it is too easy.

Thereby, Kumon ensures that students always study worksheets at their ‘just-right’ level – the spot between study material that is too easy and too difficult.

Study projections, progress updates and observations from a student’s Kumon Instructor ensures that the ‘just-right’ level of study is maintained for each individual student.


Developing enthusiastic learners

Through continuous study at the ‘just-right’ level, Kumon students become enthusiastic learners and develop their academic ability. This is because the ‘just-right’ level ensures students study work that is challenging enough to develop their ability.

When Kumon students overcome a challenge in their worksheet study, they feel a sense of accomplishment and set out to overcome the next challenge in their learning.


Advance beyond school grade level

A student’s ‘just-right’ level of study is tied to their current academic ability. As students make progress through Kumon, they will begin to encounter material that is beyond school grade level. For example, we do not prevent primary school students of high academic capability from advancing to high school material. Similarly, a high school student may begin Kumon on primary school level material, if it is necessary to revise and reinforce their foundational skills.

After advancing beyond their school grade level, students begin to develop the skill of self-learning. Kumon students come to expect the challenge of something new, and gain satisfaction in working it out for themselves.

Through Kumon, students develop a mindset that no problem is too difficult to attempt.


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