Chloe builds confidence and comprehension ability through Kumon English

 Through studying the Kumon English programme all the way to completion, 11-year-old Chloe has developed a passion for reading, and the comprehension ability equivalent to that of a senior high school student.

Furthermore, Chloe’s achievements in Kumon English helped her to build strong self-confidence, something that she said she was lacking when she first started Kumon.

“When I first walked through the doors of Kumon, I was shy to show my abilities during tasks that I was given”, Chloe says. “But after settling in, I started to build confidence in myself, and develop strong study habits, solid reading comprehension skills, perseverance and the motivation for learning independently”.

Chloe believes that completion of Kumon English will be of great benefit to her in school and beyond.

“Kumon has provided me with all the solid fundamentals for my future endeavours, and will also help me through my school journey to experience ease and success”, she says.

Chloe also studies the Kumon Mathematics programme at a level that is five years ahead of her school grade. She is currently studying logarithms and calculus in her worksheets.


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