Experience Kumon Mathematics or English for two weeks in May, for free

At Kumon, confidence begins with the basics. Trial Kumon English or Mathematics over two weeks and find out how we develop a strong foundation for future learning. With the basics in place, students have the confidence they need for success at school.

Follow these four easy steps to register:

  1. Contact your local Kumon centre to register for an information session
  2. Have your child assessed for Kumon Mathematics or English, and discuss a study plan
  3. Arrange for your child to study worksheets and attend classes over the two-week Free Trial period
  4. Meet with your Instructor to discuss your child’s Kumon experience.


  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across centres
  • Places are limited and acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Participation in an information session is mandatory prior to your child participating in the Free Trial
  • The Free Trial consists of worksheet study over two weeks during May
  • Late registration may result in a shorter Free Trial
  • Operating procedures at each centre will vary
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Mathematics)
  • Offer not available at all centres
  • There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

Please visit this link to find your nearest Kumon centre:

To read about a current Kumon student who previously experienced a Free Trial, please visit:


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