Through focusing on the basics in Kumon, Joshua develops confidence in mathematics and reading

Joshua with his Kumon certificate and medal in recognition of studying Mathematics and English at level that is one year ahead of his school grade.

Through his dedicated study of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, 10-year-old Joshua has gone from falling behind to making strong progress in class.

Joshua was enrolled into Kumon Mathematics and English in February 2022, when he was in Year 3. Now, he is in Year 5 at school and is an advanced student studying both programmes at a level equivalent to one year ahead of his school grade. Last year, Joshua also received an academic certificate from his school for demonstrating excellent skills and understanding in a mathematics test.

Joshua says there are many ways that Kumon is helping him, both in school and elsewhere.

“I help my mum work out sums when she needs me to”, he says. “In school, it is awesome when I already know the maths work before we start it in class. This helps me with my confidence”.

Joshua says he is considering becoming a tradesperson when he grows up. He believes that strong calculation ability is an important skill for his future.

Brigetta, Joshua’s mother, says Kumon’s structure and focus on the basics was of great benefit to her son.

“I think the Kumon programme took my child back to basics. Then it really solidified his learning as he moved through the levels”, Brigetta says. “It’s been really helpful for him because he’s grown in skill and confidence as he’s hit each milestone”.

Brigetta also says that his Kumon Instructor was able to individualise and tailor the programme around Joshua’s learning needs, which includes managing ADHD, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. As Kumon is a home-based, daily study programme, Brigetta says while it is not easy and perseverance is required, Kumon’s benefits for students make it worthwhile.

“Give Kumon a good go”, she says. “It does take some serious perseverance from both parents and children, but your child will definitely reap the rewards later and gain confidence in their own abilities. It cements their learning at school and seeing Joshua’s face light up every time he passes a module or does well in a test at school is just so wonderful”.



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