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Kumon’s environmental initiatives

At Kumon, what we care about most is each individual child. For today’s children, this is why Kumon Asia & Oceania views the preservation of the global environment as an issue that cannot be neglected.

In all our business activities, KAO endeavours to reduce electricity and paper usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase paper recycling. These efforts are all aimed at minimising Kumon’s impact on the environment.

We measure our efforts using the following indicators:


Electricity usage

While Kumon continues to expand throughout the Asia-Oceania region, our total electricity usage has reduced.

Still, we will continue our energy-saving efforts. These are basic but effective measures, such as turning off lights when a room is not in use, installing energy efficient light bulbs and using motion sensors to manage lighting.

  • 2017 electricity usage in Kumon Asia & Oceania: 1,788,102 kWh
  • 2018 electricity usage in Kumon Asia & Oceania: 1,754,757 kWh


Paper usage and recycling

Kumon’s branch offices across the region take many small steps to reduce paper usage. We reduced our paper usage to:

  •  4,905,863 sheets of paper used in 2017 across Kumon Asia & Oceania
  •  4,671,208 sheets of paper used in 2018 across Kumon Asia & Oceania

All our offices also recycle paper as much as they can; paper recycling bins are widespread throughout Kumon’s offices. As such, Kumon has drastically increased its paper recycling from 10.29 to 21.48 tonnes from 2017 to 2018.


Greenhouse gas emissions

By reducing our electricity usage Kumon has also reduced our carbon dioxide emissions, the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. From 2017 to 2018, Kumon Asia & Oceania reduced overall carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3%.

  • 1,156 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2017
  • 1,106 of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018.