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Study ahead of school grade level develops the skill of self-learning

In Kumon, developing students’ ability to study high school material while still in primary school is an important goal. When students advance ahead of school grade level in the Kumon worksheets, they learn for themselves what they are yet to be taught at school. When they encounter something new, they study the example, draw on previous learning and give it a try. Students try, and try again, until they finally get it.

This is how Kumon develops self-learning.

Students come to expect the challenge of something new, and gain satisfaction in working it out for themselves. They develop a mindset that no problem is too difficult to attempt. Equipped with the skill of self-learning, students can pursue their own potential at school and in life.


Kumon worksheets and Instructors develop self-learning in students

Kumon Instructors use the worksheets to develop student’s self-learning ability. The worksheets include examples when new topics are introduced. Students use these tools to build their understanding of a new topic.

Kumon Instructors guide students towards the example and help students to interpret them in order to solve a particular problem.


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