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Shubha aces her OC test, builds skills for her future


Shubha, a Kumon English programme completer.

Through her dedicated study of the Kumon English programme, 10-year-old Shubha has developed the skills and capabilities to achieve entry into an opportunity class as she enters Year 5.

Opportunity classes, located in NSW government primary schools, cater for academically gifted Year 5 and Year 6 students. These classes help students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, using specialised teaching methods and educational materials at the appropriate level.

While Kumon does not specifically coach students for OC-entry tests or other examinations, it does help students to develop a proactive attitude towards their studies, and in Shubha’s case, a high level of reading comprehension ability.

“I would say it has not only guided my child in sentence structure and reading comprehension, it has also helped her in achieving the outstanding scores in her OC test”, says Vasundhra, Shubha’s mother.

“The timed structure of the Kumon worksheets gave her a swifter approach in answering the questions. Without the help from Kumon, I think Shubha would have struggled”.

Shubha has completed the whole Kumon English programme, meaning she has the reading comprehension ability of a Year 12 student. Shubha enrolled in Kumon in kindergarten, where she started with repeating and reciting words, phrases and short sentences.

“Kumon has helped me in school as my English has improved; I am one of the best at English at school”, Shubha says. “Also, Kumon has helped me outside of school to gain some knowledge, as all the stories in the worksheets are intriguing and informative”.

“Not only does the program enhance your English skills, it also enhances your brain with facts”.

Shubha hopes to become a zookeeper when she grows up. Vasundhra says that no matter what Shubha decides to pursue, Kumon will be of lifelong benefit.

“Kumon has really helped Shubha to be proactive and to develop a disciplined and structured approach to life”, Vasundhra says.

A brand-new venue for Kumon Baldivis Education Centre


After eight years, Kumon Baldivis Education Centre is moving to a brand-new venue to help even more children develop their mathematics and English skills.

Kumon Baldivis, led by Instructor Reet Gill, is now located at a commercial premises, 2/10 Atwick Terrace, Baldivis, WA 6171. This is the next step for Reet, who was a Kumon parent prior to becoming an Instructor. Reet says the move will help improve the delivery of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes.

“In my new commercial venue, I can offer families more flexibility in terms of class days. A student can attend centre on another day in case they missed a regular class. I also have more time to meet with parents when it is convenient for them”, Reet says.

“Having worksheets at the centre will help us review and change the assigned class work and homework on the spot so as to keep students on the ‘just-right level’ where they will learn and consolidate concepts without struggle”.

Reet thanks all her current Kumon families for their support and trust over the past eight years. She hopes to welcome many new families into the centre too.

“I believe Kumon Baldivis families know I have their child’s best interest at heart and I work with the child to deliver the results I promise at enrolment”, Reet says. “I am very thankful to families for spreading the good word about the centre.”

To learn more about Kumon Baldivis’s new venue, please contact the centre directly:

Kumon Mathematics and English now available in Wonthaggi, VIC


Kumon is now available in Wonthaggi, on Victoria’s Bass Coast, to support local children to develop fundamental mathematics and English skills.

Kumon Wonthaggi Education Centre is led by Wendy Christodoulou. Wendy is a Kumon Instructor with 10-years’ experience in South Morang, Melbourne, and is also a former mathematics teacher. Wendy supported hundreds of children in South Morang through her instruction of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, and hopes to do the same in Wonthaggi.

“We believe that every child can benefit from having Kumon in their lives, whether catching up or getting ahead with their studies”, Wendy says. “We hope to provide access to families across the region with a combination of online and in-centre classes”.

“We understand that families are busy so our learning schedules are customisable and flexible”.

Kumon Wonthaggi is located at Bass Coast Adult Learning Centre, 239 White Road, Wonthaggi, VIC 3995. Classes operate on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

To learn more or enrol at Kumon Wonthaggi, please contact the centre directly:

Meet the new Instructor of Kumon Willetton Education Centre


Adrian Koh, the new Instructor of Kumon Willeton Education Centre.

Kumon Riverton Education Centre has been taken over by a new Instructor, Adrian Koh, from Tuesday 1 February 2022, and renamed as Kumon Willetton Education Centre.

Adrian is a Kumon Mathematics and English programme completer, and former centre assistant, who went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the University of Western Australia and a Masters of Business Administration. He also worked for 10 years as a Strategic Policy Development Coordinator for the City of Joondalup local government area.

Adrian chose Kumon as his next step because he wants to support local children’s learning and development.

“The prospect of running a Kumon centre has always been appealing as I had significant understanding, knowledge and experience with the Kumon business model and operations”, he says.

“Mentoring young people has always been a highly rewarding experience for me, especially when I can inspire, motivate, and challenge young people to become independent and self-aware, so that they can take control of their own goals and dreams.”

Kumon Willetton Education Centre is staying at its current venue, Level 1/173 High Rd, Willetton, WA 6155. It is open for class on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 6:30pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

To enrol or learn more, please contact Kumon Willetton directly:

Kumon to continue partnership with Little Athletics NSW in 2022


The Kumon NSW team at the 2021 Kumon State Combined Carnival in Wollongong.

Kumon Australia and New Zealand is proud to continue our support of Little Athletics NSW throughout 2022.

Students and athletes understand the importance of persistence, practice and hard work in order to achieve results. This is why Kumon will continue to support Little Athletics NSW throughout 2022.

“We welcome the continuation of our partnership with Little Athletics NSW”, said Steven Sou, Division Leader of Kumon NSW.

“We are confident this will help even more young children grow into confident, well-rounded adults who thrive both inside and outside the classroom.”

The ongoing partnership means that Kumon will sponsor the 2022 Kumon State Combined Carnival, to be held from Saturday 6 March to Sunday 7 March in Maitland, the Little Athletics NSW Coach of the Year Award, and will support various local Little Athletics NSW events throughout 2022.

Should you wish to learn more, contact Kumon via our enquiry form.

Thinking outside the box with Kumon Mathematics and English


Kane (left) with his brother Kyle (right), who is also a completer of the Kumon English programme.

For Kane, 18 years old, the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes helped him to excel in school, think differently, and build the confidence to pursue his ambitions as he enters university.

Kane, a recent Melbourne High School graduate selected to pursue a degree in commerce at the University of Melbourne in 2022, was enrolled into Kumon Mathematics and English while in Year 2 of primary school.

Kane went onto reach the final levels of Kumon Mathematics, where he studied advanced differentiation, integration, and differential equations. Kane also completed the whole Kumon English programme in Year 6, meaning he developed a high level of reading comprehension ability at a relatively young age.

The support Kane received from Kumon Mathematics and English benefited him greatly throughout school, he says.

“I think the Kumon English programme, particularly, allowed me to enjoy reading a bit more than I would’ve if I wasn’t enrolled”, Kane says. “This is because Kumon gives you a lot of range with the reading, and gave you a lot of good books that did interest me. It got me excited about English as a subject”.

“Kumon Mathematics allowed me to think outside the box. It exposed me to a lot of concepts that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to at that age”, he says.

Kane wants to start his own business after graduating from university. He also writes as a hobby, with many of his pieces published on his blog. Kane says that along with helping to improve in reading comprehension, Kumon English helped him to grow as a writer.

“Kumon English, especially the later levels, helped me to derive my own ideas from stuff that’s already written”, he says. “It also just helped me to love to read. I think that’s what’s allowed me to generate ideas of my own and share ideas that I found in books to other people on the blog”.

To learn more about how Kumon Mathematics and English can help your child throughout school and beyond, contact your nearest Kumon centre: (AU) or (NZ)

Elin grows in confidence through Kumon English


Elin, studying Kumon English more than one year ahead of her school grade.

Since he is not a native English speaker himself, Jun wanted his daughter, Elin, to receive some extra support in building a strong reading comprehension ability. So, he enrolled Elin into the Kumon English programme.

Elin, six years old and now in Year 1 in school, studies the Kumon English programme one year ahead of her school grade level. She is gradually improving her ability to read aloud and will soon learn to begin reading silently. Jun says he has seen consistent improvement in Elin’s English ability since she started Kumon.

“She’s much better than last year because she started Kumon when she was in kindergarten, four years old”, Jun says. “I think she will build stronger skills through Kumon, like reading, writing, and a strong vocabulary. She is more comfortable to go to school. I can it in see her face, her smiles when she speaks English more, and her confidence”.

Jun also says the daily study habit and self-learning ability, that Elin is developing through Kumon, will be of lifelong benefit for her throughout school and beyond.

“Self-learning is most important in high school”, Jun says. “Sometimes, we still help the kids with their school homework. But one day, the homework from school will be too hard for us, so they’ll need to study it by themselves, figure it out and face the challenge.”

Elin says her favourite thing about Kumon English is that it helps her to learn more words. She hopes to become a nurse or doctor when she grows up.

The Kumon English programme builds a high level of reading comprehension ability. To inspire students to read widely, the worksheets contain more extracts from published texts than any other reading programme in the world. They are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, from the simplest to the most complex.

The worksheets begin with familiar words, phrases and short sentences. Students then learn to read and write by sounding short vowels, consonants and sound parts; tracing, copying and writing words; and reading aloud short passages. They progress to reading and writing simple and complex sentences, and comprehending paragraphs. The worksheets culminate in summarising and critical reading.

To learn about how the Kumon English programme could help your child, contact your nearest Kumon centre:

Kumon’s ongoing contribution to our community in 2022


Kumon Instructors and staff at Little Athletics South Australia’s Kumon PB Classic.

Kumon Australia and New Zealand is committed to helping children realise their potential.

Our Kumon centres achieve this goal through instruction of the individualised mathematics and English programmes that develop fundamental mental calculation and reading comprehension skills in our students, as well as confidence in the classroom and the ability to self-learn. This benefits our students throughout their schooling, in tertiary education, and beyond.

At the same time, Kumon recognises the importance for children to grow into healthy, well-rounded adults who thrive outside the classroom. For this reason, Kumon recently partnered with children’s sporting associations, including Little Athletics organisations in New Zealand, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, as well as Basketball Victoria and Surf Lifesaving Queensland.

Whether on the track, the basketball court, or in the surf, these organisations all help children to realise their potential. They provide children an opportunity to socialise, develop skills and confidence, and many of them teach children the importance of practise and persistence, as does Kumon Mathematics and English.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with all these organisations in 2022 and to furthering our contribution to the community. Should you wish to learn more, please contact us via this form:

Kumon partners with Little Athletics ACT


We are pleased to announce that Kumon Australia is partnering with Little Athletics ACT. Both organisations are committed to developing children of all ages and abilities.

Students and athletes recognise the importance of persistence and practice to achieve results, so both organisations are working together throughout 2022.

“Kumon students understand that the right amount of practise in maths and English is beneficial for their progress”, says Steven Sou, Division Leader of Kumon ACT. “This is similar to young athletes who keep practising until they achieve their goals on the track”.

“Kumon is thrilled to expand our support of Little Athletics to the ACT. We are confident this will help even more young children grow into confident, well-rounded adults”.

Matthew Wade, Manager of Growth and Development at Little Athletics ACT, says they are delighted to partner with Kumon.

“Kumon are already heavily involved in the Little Athletics community throughout Australia, and play a huge role in little athletes from New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, and now the ACT, achieving their best”, he says.

“To have a brand such as Kumon on board, whose values are so similar to our own in terms of continued individual development and a ‘be your best’ attitude, it really is exciting for the overall development for everyone involved in the sport”.

To learn more about this partnership, please contact Kumon via our enquiry form:

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