Franklin finishes English, hones in on Mathematics

Franklin with his Completion of Programme certificate.

Now that he has completed the Kumon English programme, 11-year-old Franklin’s sights are set on finishing Kumon Mathematics.

Completing Kumon English means that Franklin, who is in Year 6, has a highly developed reading comprehension ability that is at a level equivalent to that of a Year 12 student. This is a big assistance for Franklin in school and also means he can explore his passion for books even further.

“Kumon English helped me with my school work, reading and comprehension”, Franklin says. “Kumon also expanded my choices in reading because I wouldn’t normally choose the books that were recommended reading for the [English] programme, but I thoroughly enjoyed these books.”

Franklin lives with autism and ADHD. He can find concentrating and staying on task to be a big hurdle. He says the routine, structure, and daily study habit of Kumon strengthened his overall ability to get things done.

“I didn’t enjoy studying at Kumon in the beginning. I found sitting in the [centre] difficult; I couldn’t focus and complete tasks”, Franklin says. “With Kumon, I was able to improve my ability to complete tasks by studying a little bit every day. The Kumon routine helped me set small goals and achieve them”.

“Now that I have finished English, I am definitely better at sitting in class and getting my work done. I still find it hard to focus, but I have a much better attitude and that makes a huge difference.”

Franklin now wants to apply his newfound strengths to finishing the Kumon Mathematics programme, in which he is currently studying two years ahead of his school grade. While he anticipates that it won’t be easy, Franklin is determined to see it through.

“Each time I make a mistake, I am closer to succeeding”, he says. “Each level is one step closer to the end.”

Throughout his entire Kumon journey, Franklin received the support of his parents and his local Kumon centre.

“My Dad and Mum played a big role in keeping me on track”, Franklin says. “All the staff at the Kumon centre were very encouraging. Each time I saw them they let me know how well I was doing. This definitely helped me persevere and finish the [Kumon] English programme.”


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