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Experience Kumon Maths or English with our Free Trial offer


In May and August, Kumon offers families a Free Trial of its Maths or English programmes.

As part of the free trial, your child attend four consecutive class days at a Kumon Education Centre. Classes are spread across two weeks and are completely free.  Students will receive the necessary materials to continue their Kumon studies at home.

“The Free Trial is good because it gives us two-weeks, multiple classes, multiple workbooks. Therefore a family and a student will get a good sense of rhythm.”

“It’s very important that Kumon becomes habitual and rhythmic”, explains Michael Hull, Instructor at Kumon Randwick Education Centre in Sydney.

Michael opened Kumon Randwick Education Centre in 2016. However, his 16-year Kumon journey started as a parent. All seven of his children have been enrolled into Kumon, five are current students.

“What I saw with my children from doing Kumon was an early increase in confidence. It was easily the first thing I saw. It emerged within weeks”, Michael says.

“They gained the knowledge that they could do maths. We began with Kumon Maths when they first started. They didn’t know what they were capable of before that and they were quite anxious; they felt they had no control over what they were doing.”

Michael’s daughter Kate is now studying materials engineering. Her sister, Lucy, is studying a combined actuarial studies and music degree. He says Kumon has taught all his children, “how to sit down, begin a task, and finish it”.

“That’s such a valuable lesson for these kids to learn”, he says.

Please contact your local Kumon Education Centre for more information.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Places are limited. Acceptance for the Free Trial is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • The registration deadline for the Free Trial varies across Centres
  • Attending an information session is mandatory before your child can participate in the Free Trial
  • The Free Trial consists of four consecutive sessions at a Kumon Education Centre over two weeks during May or August
  • Worksheets are provided for non-Centre days during the two weeks
  • Late registration may result in fewer study sessions
  • Class days, operating hours and available sessions vary across Centres
  • The Free Trial is available for one subject only (either English or Maths).

There is no obligation to enrol after the Free Trial.

About Kumon

Kumon comes to Mount Barker, South Australia


Kumon will soon open in Mount Barker, in what will be a boost in local support for children’s maths and English learning.

Kumon Mount Barker Education Centre is led by Atilio Waltcheff. He has been heavily involved with Mount Barker Tennis Club for the last two and half years. Atilio has also run a tennis coaching business in Adelaide for the past 13 years.

Additionally, Atilio holds a Diploma in Teaching and Learning, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) and a Bachelor of International Business.

Atilio says Kumon can support students in Mount Barker and surround areas with their maths and English. Kumon can also support them to develop life skills.

“I believe Kumon can instil in children the love for learning independently and discipline. It also helps them to develop confidence. Kumon students know that with hard work and focus, they can overcome any hurdles”, Atilio says.

“Also, if they do both Kumon Maths and English, they will develop a greater ability to understand most subjects at school and will likely perform at a higher level during school, and in later life.”

Kumon Mount Barker Education Centre will open on Monday 1 July. It is located at Shop 10, 79 Gawler Street, Mount Barker.

If you would like more information or to enrol, please ring Atilio on 0490 089 966 or email

It takes a village: Kumon’s National Instructors’ Conference 2019


On Saturday, June 8, Kumon Australia and New Zealand’s Instructors will travel to Brisbane, Queensland, for the 2019 National Instructors’ Conference.

At Kumon, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. We run this annual event to create a platform where all our 330 Kumon Instructors in Australia and New Zealand can meet, network and learn from each other.

Our Kumon Instructors will also hear from a range of speakers. One of whom is Maya Thiagarajan, a former school teacher and now education consultant. She is also the author of Beyond The Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age.

In her presentation, Maya will discuss families’ varying cultural attitudes towards education and harnessing the strengths of each approach.

From their learnings in Brisbane, Queensland, our Kumon Instructors will be able to collectively contribute even more to children’s education within their respective Kumon Education Centres.

Kumon learning effect inspires Adelaide mum


When Nikki enrolled her then three year old daughter Dayna into Kumon in 2012 for a head start in maths and English, she never imagined that it would have such a strong learning effect.

“Before Dayna even got to school, she was able to read very fluently, she could spell most words. She was able to easily add and subtract all before she even started Reception”, Nikki says.

“By the time Dayna reached Reception, she was able to problem-solve. She was well ahead.”

Dayna is now nine years old and in Year 5 primary school. She studies the Kumon Maths programme at the Year 10 high school level. Dayna also completed the Kumon English programme last year, meaning she has the literacy skills of a Year 12 student.

“Being ahead makes me feel relaxed and confident at school. I generally know all the work already”, Dayna says.

“It’s also preparing me for challenges I will face later in my life.”

Dayna aspires to become a paramedic or doctor when she grows up.

Nikki, meanwhile, was inspired by the strong Kumon learning effect to support the development of children’s maths and English skills. Nikki now owns and operates Kumon Reynella Education Centre.

“I love the Kumon Method and I love the way it’s helped my children”, Nikki says.

“Kumon has helped my children, my daughter and also my son who struggles with learning a little bit, to be confident.”

“I believe in the method and when the opportunity arose I was very interested in becoming an Instructor.”

Yahya develops a strong maths foundation through Kumon


Yahya, 10 years old, is already a numbers whizz with a strong maths foundation. In Kumon Maths, he is already comfortably studying equations that Year 12 students work through.

“After getting this far in Kumon, I find it very easy to do maths in school”, Yahya says. “I can finish my work very fast and with no problems.”

“It feels very good that I can do advanced maths.”

Hamood and Shamama, Yahya’s parents, enrolled Yahya into Kumon after seeing how his elder brother benefited from the programme.

They say Kumon helped Yahya develop a strong foundation in maths. Yahya studies with Kumon Bayside Education Centre.

“Kumon has helped him to grasp complex maths concepts and to polish his mental skills”, Hamood and Shamama say.

“It’s also important that he has a strong foundation in maths as it is the basis of many fields of study which he may choose to pursue later in life.”

Kumon comes to Sunbury, Victoria


Kumon has come to Sunbury, Victoria, to support local children with their maths and English learning.

Kumon Sunbury Education Centre is led by Instructor Sam Bader. Sam was inspired to become a Kumon Instructor by his wife. She completed the Kumon Maths programme while she was in high school.

“The fact that my wife could sit Year 12 maths exams from Year 9 always fascinated me”, Sam says. “During high school, it was always a constant competition between us as to who was better at maths. She always was.”

“It wasn’t until I graduated university that I could match her in maths.”

Sam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structuring Engineering, and a Bachelor’s in Science (Physics and Mathematics) from the University of Adelaide. He also holds a Master’s of Science (Physics) from the University of Melbourne.

Sam has also worked for several engineering companies, including BHP Billiton, and ran a small business in the security industry. But Sam’s passion for education never waned.

“Hence, I decided to open a Kumon Education Centre”, Sam says.

“Kumon can help the local community of Sunbury by supporting students to be thinkers and self-learners from a young age. This will help set them on the right path to a very successful future.”

Kumon Sunbury Education Centre is located at the Sunbury Neighbourhood House on Elizabeth Drive. The Centre is open on Monday and Thursday evenings from 3:45pm to 6:45pm.

To enrol or find out more information, please ring Sam on 0490 548 079 or email

Sharlyn races ahead to Year 12 level maths


For 14-year-old Sharlyn, solving Year 12-level maths equations is no problem. She developed her maths ability through the personalised Kumon programmes. 

Sharlyn aspires to enter the medical profession. She’s studied at Kumon Auburn Education Centre since she was in Year 1.

“Kumon lets you go above your school year level in maths and to challenge yourself”, Sharlyn says. “Without challenges we can’t grow as people and get better at the things we like to do.”

“I also feel more prepared and confident about my studies.”

Kumon Maths and English are personalised programmes that supports students in their maths and English learning.

In Kumon, advanced students, like Sharlyn, can tackle go ahead to tackle content that sufficiently challenges their skills and piques their interest, while those who may be falling behind are given the time they need to practise and revise so they can fill in any learning gaps.

Sharlyn says her strong maths knowledge will have real-world applications in medicine.

“Medicine is a very broad field that involves giving patients the correct dosages of medication and precisely mapping surgeries”, she says.

“I think maths is really going to help with that.”

Vivian, Sharlyn’s mother, says being ahead in maths helped grow her daughter’s confidence.

“She really likes a challenge with her work”, Vivian says.

Kumon Ipswich central maths english

Kumon Maths and English comes to Ipswich Central, Brisbane


Kumon Maths and English has now come to Ipswich Central, Brisbane, to support all students with their learning.

Kumon Ipswich Central Education Centre is led by Instructor Hiranya Sarangal-Shetty. She was inspired to open a Centre in Ipswich Central after seeing how Kumon helped her nephews and nieces with their maths and English.

“It’s been amazing to see them grow into independent, self-learning individuals with very positive and open minds”, Hiranya says.

Hiranya says Kumon can inspire all students to develop confidence.

“Kumon helps children to take on challenges with an ‘I can do it attitude’”, she says.

Kumon Ipswich Central Education Centre is open from 3:30 to 6:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays. It is located at Unit 5, 303 Brisbane Street, West Ipswich, QLD.

To learn more or to enrol, please ring Hiranya on 0473 846 351 or email

Kumon English student Kyara writes her own story


The prospect of writing and publishing a children’s book with her classmates doesn’t faze ten year old Kyara, a Kumon English student.

The Year 5 student is working on a project with eight of her classmates at school to write a children’s book. This will be published in her school library. Kyara is two years ahead of her school grade in Kumon English. She feels ready to put pen to paper.

Kyara studies at Kumon Baldivis Education Centre.

“I think my Kumon will back me up. I can use all the extra vocabulary I have learnt”, Kyara says.

Kumon supports students learning by assigning them personalised learning programmes to develop their ability in comprehension and critical analysis. In Kumon, advanced students can tackle learning that sufficiently challenges their skills and piques their interest.

Kyara says that in addition to developing her English ability, Kumon has taught her to embrace challenges.

“I face a challenge I work towards overcoming it”, Kyara says. “If you don’t try you will never succeed.”

Shauntel, Kyara’s mother, says Kumon supported her daughter to be more independent.

“She’s self-motivated and she studies on her own”, Shauntel says.

“This makes me feel more confident because I feel that no matter what Kyara chooses to do, she’ll smash it because … she’s motivated and she tries really hard until what she’s trying to do is done.”

Kyara aspires to be a journalist and TV presenter when she grows up.

Harshwardhan powers ahead in maths and English


At just ten years old, Harshwardhan is smashing his way through high school maths and English.

The Year 5 primary school student has completed Kumon English. This means he has the literacy ability of a Year 12 student. He also studies Kumon Maths at the Year 9 level.

Kumon Maths and English are personalised learning support programmes that allow students to study at their own pace. This means advanced students, like Harshwardhan, can race ahead to study content that is above their school grade, while those who may be falling behind can go back to practise and revise.

Harshwardhan says his Kumon Maths and English study has improved his confidence and knowledge.

“Kumon has helped me build confidence, improve my knowledge and my self-esteem and my belief in myself”, he says.

Kumon has also supported Harshwardhan to independently take on and overcome challenges. Harshwardhan studies at Kumon Reservoir Education Centre.

“When I solve a difficult equation it feels good because I’ve learnt something new and I realise that I can actually do this”, Harshwardhan says.

“When you overcome challenges it improves your self-esteem, your knowledge and it just makes you want to take on more of them.”

Harshita, Harshwardhan’s mother, says Kumon has supported her son to grow into an independent learner.

“Kumon doesn’t spoon-feed, they show children the technique for solving problems”, Harshita says.

“This supports the kids to become very independent, so they can eventually do the work by themselves. I feel independence is very important today.”

Harshwardhan aspires to become an electrical engineer when he grows up.

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