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Kumon Maths and English comes to Pennant Hills, Sydney


Kumon Maths and English has come to Pennant Hills, Sydney, to support all children’s learning in the area.

Kumon Pennant Hills Education Centre is led by Gigi Jiang, who was inspired to become a Kumon Instructor through her mum’s experience as a childcare director with students who studied Kumon Maths and English.

“She always said Kumon kids had confidence, good learning habits, and made friends easily”, Gigi says.

Gigi says Kumon will help develop children’s potential by engaging the whole family in education.

“Kumon requires that students, parents and Instructors work together to achieve a common study goal”, Gigi says.

“Students will see they are not working alone. One example of this, is that in Kumon, we suggest that parents read with their kids together at home for 10-30 minutes a day, to develop a strong reading habit.”

Kumon Pennant Hills Education Centre is located at Pennant Hills Uniting Church on the corner of Boundary Road and Bellamy Street.

To find out more or to enrol, please ring Gigi on 0444 540 293 or email

Kumon Maths and English comes to Mount Druitt, Sydney


Kumon Maths and English has come to Mount Druitt, Sydney, to support the learning of all children in the area.

Kumon Mount Druitt Education Centre is led by Kristine Zamora, a former commercial banking executive and later early childhood educator. She discovered Kumon in 2006 while living in the Philippines.

Two years later Kristine and her family migrated to Australia. Then she enrolled her children into a Kumon Education Centre.

“The most valuable thing about Kumon, is it helps children develop the needed discipline for them to realise their dreams”, Kristine says.

“When fostered well, this discipline is their springboard to their success and achievement”.

Kumon Mount Druitt operates at Mount Druitt Community Hall. The Centre is open on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 7pm.

Kristine says her Centre will be a place where students will be motivated and taught how to achieve. And not only in school.

“I endeavour to make a positive impact in the lives of the children of Mount Druitt, by sparking a fire and desire to pursue further education”, Kristine says.

“I want my students to understand the value of resilience and self-learning, to know that the consistent hard work they put in now, will garner a higher return for them in the future”.

To find out more about Kumon Mount Druitt Education Centre or to enrol in the Maths and/or English programme, please ring Kristine on 0452 627 429 or email

Kumon Maths and English comes to Redbank Plains, Brisbane


She  has owned and operated Kumon Springfield Lakes Education Centre for seven years. Now, Instructor Vijaya Kannan will help bring Kumon Maths and English to more families by opening Kumon Redbank Plains Education Centre.

Vijaya helped hundreds of Greater Springfield students to develop their Maths and English abilities. One of these students is Coleman, an aspiring basketballer and Redbank Plains local, who began Kumon Maths and English while falling behind in school.

“I began Kumon as a Year 5 student working through Year 3 workbooks”, says Coleman. “Within a year, I was studying Kumon above my school grade level.”

As Hazel, Coleman’s mother, explains, the benefits of Kumon go beyond purely academic study.

“The structure and expectations of Kumon established great time management skills in Coleman. It gave him back his self-confidence that almost disappeared three years ago”, Hazel says. “It introduced him to goal setting. He extends this through his school and sporting commitments.”

After studying with Kumon, Coleman was accepted into Ipswich Grammar School on a full scholarship. He continues to excel in school and on the basketball court.

Kumon Redbank Plains Education Centre opens on Monday, October 1 2018 at Redbank Plains Community Centre. To enrol or to find more information please contact Vijaya on 0437 301 011 or email


Kumon Maths and English student pursues medical career


It was 18-year-old Kumon Maths and English student Cleo’s own experience undergoing surgery that inspired her pursue a career in medicine.

“When I underwent surgery a few years ago, I admired the way my doctor treated myself and other patients with the utmost compassion, empathy and respect”, Cleo says.

“I was blown away by his leadership skills and the way he guided his team of interns and registrars.”

Cleo is now a first year Curtin University medical student. She aspires to become a “competent and compassionate” doctor and an advocate for healthcare improvements. She completed the Kumon Maths and English programmes at Kumon Canning Vale Education Centre.

Kumon Maths and English focus on developing children’s reading and calculation ability. These are fundamental to success in all subjects at school. Kumon also develops students’ ability to think through challenges by themselves.

Cleo says she is grateful to Kumon Maths and English for helping her kickstart her career.

“Kumon instils discipline and self-motivation in students”, Cleo explains. “It is one of the main reasons why my work ethic is what it is today and for that I am very grateful”

Kumon also tailors its teaching to needs of each student.

“In Kumon, you can progress onto the next stage or spend extra time revising difficult concepts,” Cleo says. “The programme is adaptable and flexible which really helps bring out the best in each student.”

Cleo’s story was covered in the Canning Times. Click here to read more. 

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