Kumon learning effect inspires Adelaide mum

When Nikki enrolled her then three year old daughter Dayna into Kumon in 2012 for a head start in maths and English, she never imagined that it would have such a strong learning effect.

“Before Dayna even got to school, she was able to read very fluently, she could spell most words. She was able to easily add and subtract all before she even started Reception”, Nikki says.

“By the time Dayna reached Reception, she was able to problem-solve. She was well ahead.”

Dayna is now nine years old and in Year 5 primary school. She studies the Kumon Maths programme at the Year 10 high school level. Dayna also completed the Kumon English programme last year, meaning she has the literacy skills of a Year 12 student.

“Being ahead makes me feel relaxed and confident at school. I generally know all the work already”, Dayna says.

“It’s also preparing me for challenges I will face later in my life.”

Dayna aspires to become a paramedic or doctor when she grows up.

Nikki, meanwhile, was inspired by the strong Kumon learning effect to support the development of children’s maths and English skills. Nikki now owns and operates Kumon Reynella Education Centre.

“I love the Kumon Method and I love the way it’s helped my children”, Nikki says.

“Kumon has helped my children, my daughter and also my son who struggles with learning a little bit, to be confident.”

“I believe in the method and when the opportunity arose I was very interested in becoming an Instructor.”


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