Kumon comes to Sunbury, Victoria

Kumon has come to Sunbury, Victoria, to support local children with their maths and English learning.

Kumon Sunbury Education Centre is led by Instructor Sam Bader. Sam was inspired to become a Kumon Instructor by his wife. She completed the Kumon Maths programme while she was in high school.

“The fact that my wife could sit Year 12 maths exams from Year 9 always fascinated me”, Sam says. “During high school, it was always a constant competition between us as to who was better at maths. She always was.”

“It wasn’t until I graduated university that I could match her in maths.”

Sam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structuring Engineering, and a Bachelor’s in Science (Physics and Mathematics) from the University of Adelaide. He also holds a Master’s of Science (Physics) from the University of Melbourne.

Sam has also worked for several engineering companies, including BHP Billiton, and ran a small business in the security industry. But Sam’s passion for education never waned.

“Hence, I decided to open a Kumon Education Centre”, Sam says.

“Kumon can help the local community of Sunbury by supporting students to be thinkers and self-learners from a young age. This will help set them on the right path to a very successful future.”

Kumon Sunbury Education Centre is located at the Sunbury Neighbourhood House on Elizabeth Drive. The Centre is open on Monday and Thursday evenings from 3:45pm to 6:45pm.

To enrol or find out more information, please ring Sam on 0490 548 079 or email


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