Three top tips for your child’s Kumon study space

The bedroom, the living room, the study room; these are some of the spaces where children might go to knuckle down and complete their study. There are different approaches. The place your children study at home will vary, depending on factors such as age and how much parental guidance they need.

Kumon’s perspective is children should study in a place free from distractions and in an area that will become their regular study space. But how do parents set up the best Kumon study space for their children?

Below are three tips parents can follow.


 1. Choose a space with good lighting

Good lighting is particularly essential for your child’s study environment. We encourage parents to choose a space with enough natural or artificial lighting which allows your child to clearly see what is written on their worksheets. If your child studies in the evening, we recommend providing a desk lamp that can be easily positioned, or has adjustable brightness. Lighting that is too dim or too bright can quickly fatigue the eyes.


2. For pre-schoolers, provide a chair small enough for their feet to be on the floor

Ensuring that your pre-schooler’s feet are firmly on the floor is a simple and effective way to help maintain their concentration. Touching the ground stops little children swinging their legs and helps them maintain good posture. We recommend ensuring the desk and chair height match so their arms are comfortable.


3. Have a ready-to-use set of all study equipment

The Kumon space should have pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and a digital clock so children can write their start time and finish time. We recommend providing a digital clock with no internet connectivity, otherwise this device could be a distraction.

For further tips on how to support your children’s study at home, speak with your centre for a copy of the Kumon Family Guidebook.


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