Shubha aces her OC test, builds skills for her future

Shubha, a Kumon English programme completer.

Through her dedicated study of the Kumon English programme, 10-year-old Shubha has developed the skills and capabilities to achieve entry into an opportunity class as she enters Year 5.

Opportunity classes, located in NSW government primary schools, cater for academically gifted Year 5 and Year 6 students. These classes help students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, using specialised teaching methods and educational materials at the appropriate level.

While Kumon does not specifically coach students for OC-entry tests or other examinations, it does help students to develop a proactive attitude towards their studies, and in Shubha’s case, a high level of reading comprehension ability.

“I would say it has not only guided my child in sentence structure and reading comprehension, it has also helped her in achieving the outstanding scores in her OC test”, says Vasundhra, Shubha’s mother.

“The timed structure of the Kumon worksheets gave her a swifter approach in answering the questions. Without the help from Kumon, I think Shubha would have struggled”.

Shubha has completed the whole Kumon English programme, meaning she has the reading comprehension ability of a Year 12 student. Shubha enrolled in Kumon in kindergarten, where she started with repeating and reciting words, phrases and short sentences.

“Kumon has helped me in school as my English has improved; I am one of the best at English at school”, Shubha says. “Also, Kumon has helped me outside of school to gain some knowledge, as all the stories in the worksheets are intriguing and informative”.

“Not only does the program enhance your English skills, it also enhances your brain with facts”.

Shubha hopes to become a zookeeper when she grows up. Vasundhra says that no matter what Shubha decides to pursue, Kumon will be of lifelong benefit.

“Kumon has really helped Shubha to be proactive and to develop a disciplined and structured approach to life”, Vasundhra says.


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