Sam’s daughter flips her performance in mathematics

Zoe started Kumon Mathematics after falling behind because of missed schooling due to a childhood illness. But now, with the support of her local Kumon centre, Zoe is ahead of her class.

Zoe, who is in Year 5 at school, studies the Kumon Mathematics programme one year ahead of her school grade level. Her mother Sam explains that this is a complete turnaround, with Zoe’s maths skills and confidence boosted significantly.

“When Zoe first started Kumon two years ago, she was really behind with her maths. Now she’s actually beating the Year 6 students, all of them, in times tables, so that’s purely through Kumon”, Sam says.

“Zoe’s teacher has also told us how impressed she is with Zoe’s maths skills, but more than that is the confidence she brings to the classroom when she has a maths class. She really loves it. She looks forward to it”.

Sam says that the daily routine of completing Kumon worksheets improved Zoe’s attitude towards homework.

“Zoe’s attitude to homework has improved a lot thanks to Kumon”, Sam says. “The daily practise of Kumon has been really helpful. She understands that doing a little bit every day builds on her confidence, her skills, and it reinforces the learning”.

Kumon’s individualised approach to learning also helped Zoe to enjoy mathematics and other areas of learning, Sam says.

“No matter what stage she’s at, no matter what the concepts, it’s always tailor-made. I think that really helps children enjoy Kumon”, Sam says. “It makes it challenging for them in a way that they feel like they want to keep going”.

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