Kumon Maths accelerates Kaiden’s learning in school

For Kaiden, 12 years old, Kumon has been a jump start for school. The aspiring car mechanic, who studies Kumon Maths, is no longer struggling at school.

“Kumon Maths has helped me to catch up to my year level in school, which I feel good about”, Kaiden said. “It keeps me wanting to learn and to keep improving.”

Kaiden has studied with Kumon since 2015 at Kumon Beeliar Education Centre in Perth. Kumon focusses on helping students build foundational literacy and numeracy skills, and student’s  ability to solve problems by themselves.

Kumon students also learn at a level that is defined by their current ability. They aren’t pushed ahead or held back because of their age.

“This allows him to build his confidence because he’s not being forced to learn something in a hurry and then move on”, explained his mother, Natalie.

Kaiden said that Kumon will help him throughout his later life.

“It’s taught me to focus and concentrate a lot on getting my work completed and try and solve problems on my own”, Kaiden said.

“Hopefully if I get a mechanic’s apprenticeship I can use these skills in my studies and workplace”.


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