Kumon Mathematics and English now open in Kelmscott, WA!

Kumon is now open in Kelmscott, Perth, to support all children to develop their mathematics and English ability.

Kumon Kelmscott Education Centre is led by Instructor Kooi Duan Beh, an education professional with extensive international experience. Kooi has also worked as an assistant at Kumon Riverton Education Centre. This motivated her to open a centre in Kelmscott.

“When I was researching about opening a Kumon centre in Australia, I came to know Shaun from Kumon Riverton”, Kooi says. “Shaun shared all the benefits of what Kumon does for students and the advantages of becoming a franchisee.”

“I got to experience and see for myself what it takes to run a Kumon centre. It is a great joy to see students succeed in their study.”

Kooi says her centre will provide immense value for the local community through instruction of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes.

“The focus for Kumon Kelmscott students will be to reach the goal of studying advanced mathematics and English material well in advance of what they are learning at school”, Kooi says. “Students will develop excellent calculation and reading comprehension ability.”

“They will be motivated to reach the goals we set together. Even when they feel challenged by the content of the worksheets, they will not want to give up but try on their own to solve the problem.”

Kumon Kelmscott is located at Kelmscott Hall, 60 River Road, Kelmscott WA 6111. Opening hours are 3:30pm to 6:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

Parents are welcome to make an enquiry for Kumon Kelmscott via this link.


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