Kumon Mathematics and English coming soon to Butler, WA

Kumon will soon open in Butler, WA, to help all children in the local area develop their mathematics and reading ability.

Kumon Butler Education Centre is led by Sharon Pajares, a veterinarian who changed careers so she could develop students’ potential through the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes.

“Kumon is a well-known global brand that helps young children”, Sharon says. “I chose to become a Kumon Instructor and establish a new centre, because I want to help and be a part of a young student’s journey to improve their abilities and do well in school.”

“Through Kumon, students will develop self-discipline, learn to be independent, be able to study advance levels through self-learning, and build work skills that are essential for the real world.”

Kumon Butler is located at 240 Butler Boulevard, Butler WA 6036. The centre is open from 3pm to 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Sharon says she looks forward to seeing more and more students in the centre.

“I want my students to have a safe learning environment where students study at their ‘just-right’ level, learn to study independently, have good study habits, self-discipline, a love for learning, study advance materials, and develop confidence in solving any problems that they will face”, she says.

To learn more about Kumon Butler, please contact the centre directly:


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