From falling behind to budding computer scientist

With Kumon’s help, 19-year-old James Jovanowski turned around his performance in school and achieved entry into his preferred university.

James now studies a double degree Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. But he was not always so strong in his academics. By the time he started high school, James was falling behind his classmates.

So, James enrolled into the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes. He began to see improvement shortly afterwards.

“I believe Kumon helped drastically in terms of my mathematical performance”, James said. “Literature-wise, it also did help. It taught me how to take a step back and look at how the texts, or how words or sentences flow from one to the other.”

James also said Kumon is still helping him to this day at university.

“In terms of my personality, Kumon did help me to develop resilience”, he explained. “When I have to go through my exam book,  or when I have some assignments, quizzes, exams due, when it’s all piling up, I make sure to keep a clear mind and push forward.”

“It’s very rewarding to know that at the end of the day, you’ve powered through and you’ve done the best that you can.”

After graduating from university, James hopes to work in software development or computer science.


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