Five ways that Kumon nurtures confident learners

Research suggests that self-confidence in primary school children is an important factor in determining academic achievement, irrespective of a student’s cognitive ability, age and gender.

We place importance at Kumon on developing good study habits while maintaining your child’s motivation to learn. We avoid overexerting students and emphasise efficient and consistent study. This supports your child to develop confidence as they learn.

In the below article, we explain five ways how Kumon supports children to grow into confident learners.

1. The starting point

Your child begins Kumon with worksheets that make it relatively easy for them to attain a near perfect score, in a short amount of time. The purpose of this is to help your child to feel confident they can do the worksheets on their own. Once your child starts growing in confidence, they will become enthusiastic to continue learning and study more worksheets.

Through learning each day, your child’s concentration expands and a daily study begins to form.

2. A clear path for progress

The Kumon programme is structured in a series of levels that become incrementally more challenging as your child progresses. This structure allows your child to have a clear idea of how far their learning has advanced. It also makes it easy to set learning goals and to determine a plan to achieve them. The Kumon Method prioritises the development of skills in reading, writing and calculation. These form the foundation for most learning at school. Kumon’s structure also provides an efficient learning method through which your children can enjoy learning.

3. Careful monitoring of workload

As your child gains confidence in their learning, they will begin to show enthusiasm towards study. If we suddenly start to give your children a lot of work in order to accommodate their enthusiasm, this could quickly demotivate them. At Kumon we understand it is important to monitor your child’s workload, to ensure they are able to learn without overexertion. Your Kumon Instructor will assess and adjust your children’s study plan on a regular basis.


4. Practice and daily study

Your child can repeat worksheets when needed, to decrease the number of errors, reduce their completion time, review an earlier topic, or consolidate something new before they move on. The right amount of practise and a daily study habit lay the foundation for smooth progress.


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5. Learning at the ‘just-right’ level

All children have varying levels of academic ability. If children study the same content simply because they are of the same age, some lose confidence because the material is too difficult while others become bored because it is too easy.

Study projections, progress updates and observations from a child’s Kumon Instructor ensure that the ‘just-right’ level of study is maintained for each individual student. Kumon ensures that children always study worksheets at their ‘just-right’ level – the spot between study material that is too easy and too difficult.

By maintaining each child’s study at their ‘just-right’ level, children feel confidence as they overcome challenges in their learning.

These are just five ways that Kumon’s learning method supports your child to develop confidence as they learn. In this way, our programmes set children up for a positive and confident journey in their future learning.


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