Daily study with Kumon helps Eva to reach her goals

The strong study routine that nine-year-old Eva has established through Kumon Mathematics and English is helping her to excel in school and achieve her goal of becoming a doctor.

Eva, studying her Kumon worksheets at home.

Eva, who is in Year 4 at school, studies both the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes at a level that is three years ahead of her school grade. Eva says that advanced study helps her greatly in school.

“Being three years ahead of my school grade makes schoolwork and homework much easier”, Eva says.

“It also prepares me for later year levels, meaning that when the time comes, I should be able to recollect the things that I have learned and understand the concepts quicker”.

Eva also says she believes what she’s learning now in Kumon will help her in later school exams and afterwards, when she studies to become a doctor.

“It’s probably going to be much easier for me to understand new concepts when I’m older, because of Kumon”, she says.

Goran, Eva’s father, says he believes that Kumon helped Eva to build a strong study routine, something that will help her both now and in later life.

“With Kumon you have one hour every single day, more or less, to sit and do your maths and English worksheets”, Goran says. “So, when you get older, already having that learning habit helps you when you have to sit down and study something else”.

“The greatest thing about Kumon is that it develops that learning habit”.

Goran also says Kumon provides structure to parents who want to be actively involved with their children’s learning.

“I may want to teach my son or my daughter something, but I’m not a teacher”, Goran says. “So, when I have a Kumon worksheet in front of me that I understand fully, I’ll sit with my children and spend the time to help them. Kumon’s materials give you good instructions to help you as a parent with this”.

Eva’s older brother, Damien, also completed the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, and is using the skills he learnt at Kumon to study for his final high school exams.

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