Aspiring veterinary scientist builds foundation for learning with Kumon

By completing Kumon Mathematics and English, Toowoomba high schooler Michelle Springolo has developed a groundwork of learning to reach her goal of becoming a veterinary scientist.

Michelle, 16 years old and in Year 10 in high school, studied at Kumon Centenary Heights Education Centre. Michelle was an advanced student throughout most of her studies with Kumon. This benefited her throughout school.

“I found school maths easy as I had already learned the mathematical methods in advance”, Michelle said. “Whilst Kumon English helped me in comprehension and interpreting written texts.”

After finishing high school, Michelle aims to study veterinary science at the University of Queensland to kickstart her career. She said completing Kumon Mathematics provided a foundation for solving some scientific calculations, and Kumon English will support her in report writing.

Michelle is a budding and talented scientist. She won a suite of accolades to prove it. This includes, the Paul Johnston Memorial Trust Senior Science Award 2020, The Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Award 2020, Ag Institute Australia (AIA) Junior Science Achievement Awards 2017 to 2019, 1st places in Science Teachers’ Association of Queensland (STAQ) Scientific Investigations 2016 to 2018, 1st place in STAQ Communicating Science 2019, Susan Cruickshank Tutoring Junior Scientific Research and Writing Award 2017, Joe Baker Outstanding Achievement Award 2016, Queensland University of Technology Most Outstanding Poster Award 2020, Art in Agriculture Awards 2016 to 2020 and The University of Queensland Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology 2021 Scholarship. Michelle is also one of 26 Australian student finalists for the national 2020 BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards.

Karen Springolo, Michelle’s mother, said she enrolled her daughter in Kumon for Michelle to have a strong foundation for future learning.

“Mario and I decided to enrol Michelle into Kumon upon hearing about Kumon from a friend”, Karen said. “During our initial meeting with Elaine Homem, Michelle’s Kumon Instructor, we discovered that Kumon Maths is a very well-structured programme and knew it would be excellent practice for Michelle to build a strong maths foundation. Enrolling in Kumon English as well would also be beneficial.”


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