Alan continues his advanced Kumon Mathematics study, virtually

Virtual study with Kumon provided 6-year-old Alan a flexible way to continue his strong learning progress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alan has been enrolled into Kumon since he was in kindergarten. He studies the Kumon Mathematics programme two years ahead of his school grade level. Once the COVID-19 pandemic reached Australia and New Zealand, his father Dhinesh transferred Alan from in-centre to virtual study.

“I have my elderly parents living with me, so I and my family wanted to cut down the risk of exposure to COVID as much as we could”, Dhinesh says. “I think that was the key factor in our decision to have Kumon completely at home.”

Alan, meanwhile, says he really enjoys studying Kumon at home with virtual support.

“It’s really, really quiet and with no distractions and it makes my dad spend more time with me,” Alan says.

Virtual study involves Alan attending virtual classes once or twice a week. In addition, he studies his Kumon worksheets for a small amount of time each day at home. His parents support by marking and recording the results.

Alan’s Instructor supports by creating an individualised study projection, providing regular progress updates to his parents, and assisting Alan to solve a difficult problem when he can’t work it out for himself.

Alan would like to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Some Kumon centres throughout Australia and New Zealand are offering options for virtual mathematics and English study. Should you wish to learn more, we welcome you to contact your nearest Kumon centre.


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