Kumon celebrates tomorrow’s problem solvers

Throughout November, Kumon Australia and New Zealand will be Celebrating tomorrow’s problem solvers through the Advanced Student Forum events.

Each Advanced Student Forum celebrates the achievements of those who completed Kumon Maths or English, or who study five years ahead of their school grade level. This year, the Advanced Student Forums will encourage Kumon students to envision using their tenacity to real-world solve problems.

Students will also explore the concept of grit. This is defined as “passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement” by psychologist and author Angela Duckworth. Students will explore how grit will be essential for their future achievements.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our amazing students on these following dates:

  • Canberra: Saturday 3 November
  • Sydney: Sunday 11 November
  • Melbourne: Sunday 11 November
  • Perth: Sunday 11 November
  • Auckland: 18 November
  • Adelaide: 18 November
  • Brisbane: 18 November.

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