Anastasia taps into her full potential

Anastasia, nine years old, knows that through enough effort and perseverance, she can solve any problem she encounters. Anastasia is comfortably studying maths at the Year 6 level at Kumon, while being only in Year 4 at primary school.

Additionally, she says that instead of being a burden, learning ahead has boosted her confidence because it’s shown her what she can achieve.

“Kumon has helped me to rethink and reset my goals because of my heightened self-belief”, Anastasia says.

Anastasia’s long-term goal is to become a cancer researcher when she grows up.

“My dad has recently gone through a cancer scare. Watching him and all the wonderful people at the Fiona Stanley Cancer Centre, who helped him through his ordeal, has inspired me to want a career in this field”, Anastasia says.

At Kumon, advanced students’ abilities are adequately stretched and those who may be struggling are given the time they need to consolidate their learning.

Suzana, Anastasia’s mother, says Kumon is helping Anastasia to reach her full potential.

“Advanced learning has not only helped Anastasia to extend her maths knowledge significantly, but has also helped her to approach all her tasks in a much more positive manner”, Suzana says.

“In my opinion, it is very important that every child reach their full potential. If a child has the capacity to learn ahead of their school grade, then I fully support it”.


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