Kumon’s focus on the basics helps Adriana to regain her confidence

Adriana, 12 years old, studying a Kumon worksheet

Adriana, 12 years old, has a vibrant and outgoing personality. But, in Year 5, her mother Lera noticed her daughter was starting to lose confidence – and she couldn’t work out why.

It turned out that Adriana, who is now in Year 7 of high school, was starting to struggle in her studies, particularly in mathematics.

“Then a NAPLAN test came along and Adriana didn’t do as well as other kids in the class”, Lera explains. “For Adriana’s standards, she didn’t do good at all. That’s when I started exploring options to try and see what we can do”.

Lera enrolled Adriana into the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, which started by taking her back to the basics before moving onto more advanced concepts. Now, Adriana has made strong progress through the English programme. She is also studying Kumon Mathematics at a level equivalent to more than one year ahead of school grade.

“The results have come through quite quickly”, Lera says. “In the space of probably nine months, Adriana caught up to her school grade level and she was just flying through it. It was good that she started from the basics, learning the basics again and filling in the gaps.”

Now, Adriana has confidence in the classroom, Lera says, and is eager to continue learning.

“I think Adriana has stopped worrying about not being as good as other kids”, Lera says. “This has just massively helped her socially as well, because she stopped being down on herself.”

“As soon as we started seeing results, we didn’t want to stop Kumon. We asked Adriana as well, ‘Would you like to stop?’ She herself who started seeing the results said, ‘No, I don’t want to stop Kumon. I want to keep going.’”

Adriana says her Kumon studies are helping her greatly throughout school and will continue to benefit her later in life.

“For English, I can put that knowledge towards my job if I want to be a journalist, which I have thought about. Or if I want to be a mathematician, I can use all my maths learning in that career”, Adriana says.

“I will always do my best and put my knowledge and understandings and being towards what I’m going to do. I will never give up and I’ll always do my best.”


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