Kumon adds its support to The Mathematical Association of Victoria

As an organisation committed to helping children self-learn advanced mathematics, Kumon is proud to announce our sponsorship of The Mathematical Association of Victoria.

As part of the sponsorship, Kumon will exhibit at the MAV 2023 Regional Conference in Strathfieldsaye on 26 May, support the Maths Talent Quest to help students discover how mathematics is used and found in the world around them, and the 2023 MAV Games Days to help students get excited about maths.

Scott Quilty, Division Leader of Kumon Victoria, says there is a natural alignment between Kumon and MAV.

“At Kumon, one of our aims is to help students develop a passion for numbers as they self-learn new concepts in the Kumon Mathematics programme,” he says. “Kumon students come to expect the challenge of something new, and gain satisfaction in working it out for themselves. We hope that all students participating in MAV’s activities experience a similar joy in learning. We wish them all the best”.

To learn more about this sponsorship, please contact Kumon via our enquiry form.


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