Harjas builds her foundation for future success with Kumon

Harjas, with her medal commemorating her achievement of studying a Kumon programme more than five years ahead of school grade

Whatever 11-year-old Harjas chooses to accomplish in her future, she has built a strong foundation through dedicated study of Kumon Mathematics and English.

Harjas began her Kumon journey nearly seven years ago in Auckland, before her family’s recent move to Melbourne. Harjas studies Kumon Mathematics close to five years ahead of her school grade level – where she is currently learning about square roots, quadratic equations, inequalities, functions and graphs, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

“Kumon keeps me ahead of my class every year,” Harjas says. “The structured routine has made me one of the highest achieving students [in school] and boosted my confidence in mathematics.”

Harjas also previously studied the Kumon English programme, for which her mother Jasmeen attributes Harjas’s love for reading books.

Being in Year 6 in primary school, Harjas will commence her first year of high school next year. Harjas says she feels ready.

“As I finish primary school, the skills and knowledge I gained from Kumon will be valuable in high school,” Harjas says. “Kumon has given me problem solving skills, discipline, and a strong work ethic for future success.”

Jasmeen also observed that Kumon’s benefits for Harjas go beyond the classroom.

“I would say that Kumon’s not only boosted Harjas’ confidence levels, but it instilled a sense of fearlessness towards academic challenges as well as social challenges,” Jasmeen says. “When a child has high confidence levels and isn’t struggling academically, they tend to excel not only in their studies but also in their social interactions.”

“It’s made Harjas more interactive and adaptable in various settings, not just in a classroom.”

Harjas is considering becoming a neurosurgeon or lawyer as potential careers, but this may change as she grows older. Whatever Harjas chooses to accomplish later in life, Jasmeen says the skills her daughter acquired from Kumon will be invaluable.

“Kumon’s laid down a strong foundation for Harjas’s future aspirations,” Jasmeen says. “Kumon has instilled self-discipline and a daily study habit, which I believe will stay with her for life. She has learned that no problem is insurmountable; there is always a solution. This is something Harjas has undoubtedly gained from her experience with Kumon.”


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