Advanced study with Kumon brings Joshua one step closer to achieving his goals

Nine-year-old Joshua, with his Kumon awards and medals

Through studying the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes more than three years ahead of his school grade, 9-year-old Joshua is developing the skills that he will need to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor.

Joshua, in Year 4 at primary school, is studying simultaneous equations, monomials and polynomials, and factorisation in his Kumon Mathematics worksheets. In Kumon English, he is learning to summarise one paragraph of a passage independently, while being conscious of the context of several paragraphs. These are concepts not usually encountered until Years 7 and 8 of high school.

Joshua says that studying ahead with Kumon is helping him in many ways.

“By being ahead in school grade, Kumon has helped me to understand new topics more easily.” Joshua says. “It makes me feel very confident and better prepared. My schoolwork is quite easy and I approach it very confidently.”

“Solving tough problems also motivates me to keep challenging myself and improving further. Kumon is aiding me to be a level up in both maths and English. I’m thrilled to see that my hard work is reaping rewards.”

Joshua is aiming to be a doctor when he grows up. He is confident that his current learning with Kumon will help him to achieve this aspiration.

“I want to become a doctor because I’m passionate about helping people and caring for the sick,” Joshua says.

“Kumon has helped me to develop strong mathematical skills, English language proficiency and problem-solving skills. These will be invaluable assets for my career and everyday life situations in the future. Discipline and perseverance are useful tools that I have acquired through Kumon.”

Jude, Joshua’s father, says he chose Kumon because he wanted his son to develop confidence in the basics of mathematics and reading. And now that Joshua has developed this foundation, the individualised approach of Kumon, whereby capable students can study ahead of their school grade, is helping to keep him engaged.

“Studying ahead with Kumon helps Joshua to stay focused, challenged, and prevents boredom because it opens new topics up all the time.” Jude says. “He’s able to go through the material with relative ease, and then get accustomed to solving new problems.”

“This gives him a good foundation to face future academic and non-academic challenges. Then because of that, he’s growing more in confidence, and he’s motivated.”


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