Zoe reads way ahead with Kumon English

While it may not seem like the most obvious link, completing the Kumon English programme will help 10-year-old Zoe to have the skills to become a mechanical engineer.

In Year 4 at school, Zoe finished Kumon English in March 2021, meaning she has the reading comprehension ability of a Year 12 student. She also topped the ranking for her year level amongst all Kumon English students in Australia.

Zoe’s commitment to her Kumon studies has real-world benefits for her, both in and out of school.

“Kumon English has helped me in a few different ways”, Zoe says. “One of them is with my comprehension, which has helped me get better grades from spelling at school. Another one is with reading instructions, which helps me to build things and help my dad too”.

Zoe says that her ability to comprehend complex instructions will help her in mechanical engineering, where she wants to build robots and cars. She also studies Kumon Mathematics nearly two years ahead of her school grade.

Krystal, Zoe’s mother, says she enrolled her daughter into Kumon to extend Zoe in her reading.

“Zoe started Kumon English in pre-primary. At that time, she was already ahead in her literacy; she could read a lot of difficult words and stories and books”, Krystal explains. “However, [her school teacher] found out her comprehension and literacy level had a clear gap. Zoe didn’t understand what she’s reading at that time, so they suggested to improve her comprehension”.

“Then, I did some research and I found Kumon English is a good way to help her to increase her comprehension. So, that’s the reason I enrolled her”.

Krystal says that beyond strong reading comprehension, Kumon will have many benefits for Zoe later in life.

“I think Kumon gives Zoe a lot of a practice in managing her time, and in being more disciplined. This is a worksheet programme you do at your own pace, on a daily basis”, Krystal says. “She has schoolwork, outside of school activity and school, so she does need to manage her time and be more organised in her daily life”.

“It also gives her a lot of confidence and I think it’s a really good foundation to prep her for high school. If she has these foundations and confidence, it will help make the move to high school a bit easier”.


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