With Kumon’s support, Oshi is ready for her Maths Olympiad

Oshi, 13 years and in Year 8 high school, has her third Maths Olympiad competition coming up. She feels prepared for this challenge because of her advanced study of Kumon Mathematics.

Oshi said studying the equivalent of Year 10 level mathematics at Kumon helped her greatly in her first two Maths Olympiads.

The Australian Maths Olympiad is a five stage Olympiad-level maths contest comprising of five questions each test and is conducted under school supervision. Around 200 of the highest achieving students from across Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate each year.

Oshi says Kumon allowed her to memorise multiple methods for solving complex problems.

“When the questions are hard, you do have to analyse them,” Oshi says. “Having mathematical formulas in the back of my head helps me perform this analysis more quickly.”

This will also help in her upcoming third Maths Olympiad, Oshi says.

“But I’m still nervous for the third one because they do get harder as they go, but I’m also excited,” she says. “It helps knowing if a formula question comes up, I don’t have to worry about not understanding it.”

Oshi hopes to become a doctor when she grows up. She says having a strong understanding of mathematics will help her in her career and throughout life.

“For any job that I have, I’ll have to use maths at some point,” Oshi says. “So, knowing how to complete equations easily, without having to look them up or use a calculator, will be very useful.”

Pivi, Oshi’s father, said says he enrolled Oshi into Kumon after trying a few tutoring options that didn’t work well for her. But Kumon develops self-learning, the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it, without having to rely on being taught every new topic or concept. Pivi says this has been highly beneficial for Oshi.

“If she does not get the answer right in her worksheets, she tries to find the error,” Pivi explains. “Then she knows where she went wrong and she corrects those mistakes by herself. That’s a great achievement by her.”

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