With Kumon’s support, Michael and Rachael self-learn a second language

Michael (left) and Rachael (right) with their completion of programme plaques.

Through their dedicated study of the Kumon programmes, siblings 18-year-old Michael and 16-year-old Rachael developed self-learning skills that will benefit them in university and beyond.

Michael and Rachael were enrolled into the Kumon English programme towards the end of primary school after their mother, Jenny, noticed they were both struggling with English at school. Three years later, they both completed the programme. This means Michael and Rachael’s reading comprehension skills had grown to the equivalent of Year 12 level while they were each only in the early years of high school.

And, as Jenny explains, because Kumon is an individualised programme that develops students’ self-learning ability, her children have grown in many ways.

“Kumon genuinely does help to encourage children to work, as it allows them to do it at their own pace with help and guidance from both their parents and Instructors”, Jenny says. “It is better for children to work at their own speed, especially at a young age. Kumon allows them to learn organisation, time management and prioritisation skills, as they are given homework to do every day.

“Michael and Rachael can recognise and correct their own mistakes even outside the subjects that Kumon provides. This allows them to solve problems on their own rather than asking someone else for help, which prepares them for their futures.”

Michael and Rachael’s self-learning ability is evident in their progress through the Kumon Japanese programme, which helps students to learn Japanese as a second language. Michael recently completed the Japanese programme, while Rachael is making strong progress.

Both Michael and Rachael’s Japanese language has even improved to the extent where they can comfortably study the Kumon Kokugo programme, designed for native Japanese speakers. The Kumon Japanese and Kokugo programmes are only offered at select Kumon centres in Australia.

“Kumon has aided Michael and Rachael to enjoy the opportunity to self-learn a second language, having grown up knowing only one language”, Jenny says.

Michael and Rachael hope to continue their Japanese language study when they enter university.


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