Top tips for supporting your children’s Kumon study over summer

While summer is a time to recharge and catch-up with friends and family, children can get the rest they need and continue small amounts of progress each day in their Kumon worksheets. Many Kumon students balance both priorities, returning to school revitalised and ready for a new year of learning.

As such, below are some tips for you on helping your children this summer.

      1. Help your child set a goal for what they would like to learn. This could be reaching a particular level in the programme, achieving a certain completion time, or simply reviewing what they’ve learnt over the previous year. Setting a goal together helps parents and students to have a clear reason for continuing some Kumon study over the summer break.
      2. Allocate ‘Kumon time’ each day. This can be around 20 minutes a day, depending on the worksheets your child has been assigned. Many families find that the morning is best for ‘Kumon time’ as this leaves the rest of the day free. Though, of course, the exact timing of ‘Kumon time’ is up to each family to decide.
      3. Discuss your summer plans with your Kumon Instructor. Your Instructor can support your child to achieve their learning goals. This is especially important if you’re going away on holidays, in order to allow adjustments to be made to your child’s study projection and to make arrangements for when you return.
      4. Take advantage of the Home Study Portal. This portal is the perfect tool for Kumon parents and students who need some extra help over summer. It contains helpful videos and guides to help your family navigate the programme. However, please don’t hesitate to contact your Kumon Instructor if you encounter some tricky questions – they are there to help!

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