Through Kumon, Pragyaa develops her passion for reading

Pragyaa with her completion of Kumon English programme certificate

For 11-year-old Pragyaa, advanced study with Kumon allows her to explore and grow her love for literature.

Pragyaa, who recently completed the Kumon English programme, has a passion for stories and wordplay. She enjoys interpreting texts and showing off her extended vocabulary.

“Stories are fun, even though you have to ask questions”, Pragyaa says. “You can read and interpret them in different ways, and then you have to think about stories a lot more. I also use lots of puns in my everyday life, so if I didn’t do Kumon, I probably wouldn’t have such a wide vocabulary”

The Kumon English programme builds a high level of reading comprehension ability in students. To inspire students to read widely, the worksheets contain more extracts from published texts than any other reading programme in the world. They are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, from the simplest to the most complex.

Deborah, Pragyaa’s mother, says she enrolled her daughter into Kumon as it would not only extend her academically, but also provide consistency in her studies.

“We found that we needed something to occupy Pragyaa’s attention, so Kumon kept her busy”, Deborah says. “With the English programme we could definitely see that she really enjoyed it. The fact that she completed it really helped her understand that she can achieve things with the right amount of effort”.

Pragyaa also studies the Kumon Mathematics programme at a level that is one year ahead of her school grade. She aims to become a civil engineer later in life, and will need strong maths skills to achieve her goal.


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