Three ways Kumon Instructors contribute to their communities

During these uncertain times, the Instructors and franchisees of Kumon Australia and New Zealand support their local communities by building businesses that provide high quality, afterschool maths and English learning for children of all ages.

We are seeking to expand Kumon’s contribution by opening new franchises in new communities. If you would like to learn more about how Kumon Instructors contribute to their communities, we invite you to read on:

1. Providing students with a foundation for their future

Kumon Instructors provide students with a foundation for their future. Instructors achieve this through individualised instruction of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, which develop strong mental calculation and reading comprehension in students. These skills, along with the confidence students gain through Kumon, allow students to become self-learners who do not have to rely on a teacher to access new knowledge.

Supporting students to make strong progress to complete the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes is the core of the Instructor’s role. Throughout their long careers, many Instructors in Australia and New Zealand have helped hundreds of students in their local communities to become confident self-learners.


2.  Building relationships within the local community

Kumon Instructors build positive relationships within their community each and every day. Throughout each class, Instructors communicate with and establish a connection with their students. Similar connections are built with students’ parents during consultations, parent orientation sessions and regular contact regarding their child’s progress.

When Instructors market their franchise business, they build relationships with the wider community. Relationship building activities include participating in community events, corresponding with local schools, running business social media accounts, and advertising through local and regional media channels.

As Instructors also hire centre assistants, Kumon Instructors can hire locals and build relationships as they train and develop their employees.


 3. Sharing ideas and experience in a community of business owners and educators

Kumon Instructors are part of a community of over 300 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand. Kumon Instructors network, celebrate achievements and learn from one another. Instructors contribute to the Kumon community by sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of all, as well as making long-lasting friendships.

Throughout 2020, Kumon Instructors and franchisees have supported each other by actively participating in online workshops and seminars. In June, the first ever online Kumon Instructor Awards Ceremony was held, with more than 200 Instructors joining to celebrate each other’s achievements. Instructors and franchisees not only support their local communities, they support one another to succeed.


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