Tan builds foundation to excel in selective school

By completing the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, 17-year-old Tan Nguyen has the skills to excel throughout selective school and later in life.

Tan, now in Year 12 at school, enrolled into Kumon when he was in Year 7. Tan said his studies at Kumon have helped him greatly throughout selective schooling.

“Kumon has helped me understand and hone my ability with fundamental mathematic topics such as algebra and calculus, as well as improving my English ability”, Tan said “However, I believe the greatest benefits of Kumon is the way it fosters characteristics such as perseverance, discipline, and the ability to independently learn, which has been carried over to other subjects outside of Maths and English.”

Tan hopes to major in mathematics and statistics at university. He will continue to use the skills he learnt at Kumon in university.

“Learning new things and skills will still be a big part of my life so that I’m able to further my career”, Tan said. “Kumon has helped me develop key characteristics that will enable me to further develop myself professionally and as a person.”


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