Shiva knows she can take on any challenge

After trialing Kumon for free in 2013, nine year old Shiva Srinivasan stuck with it and now is way ahead in maths and English.

Shiva, who is in Year 4 at primary school, is studying Kumon Maths at the Year 8 level and has completed Kumon English, meaning she has the literacy skills of a Year 12 student. Shiva is also the youngest English Completer in Australia listed in the latest Advanced Student Honour Roll.

“Kumon English has helped me with my reading and comprehension skills. It has given me so much confidence at school”, Shiva says.

“Kumon Maths has given me mental maths skills so I don’t have to use my fingers and toes to count.”

“Kumon has also helped me learn to overcome challenges through perseverance, discipline, dedication and a never give up attitude. This will help me realise my dreams of inspiring and helping the world.”

Shiva aspires to become a vet when she grows up. She studies at a Kumon centre in Perth, led by her father Sri Ayyalusamy.

He says Kumon is about more than developing academic ability.

“You can start and go anywhere if you have determination, discipline and time-management”, Sri says.

“All these qualities, we facilitate at Kumon. They are helpful in any learning area.”

* Shiva is the child of a current Kumon Instructor


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