School, sport, Kumon Maths and English: Seth packs it all into a busy schedule

Hockey, karate, Kumon; 12-year-old Seth is a busy boy. Despite his schedule, the Year 6 student can comfortably study Kumon Maths and English ahead of his school grade level.

Seth is two years ahead of his school grade in Kumon Maths and one year ahead in Kumon English. In Kumon Maths, he covers content that Year 8 students are working through. In Kumon English, he is interpreting excerpts from books like Weather Eye by Lesley Howarth.

Kumon Maths and English are personalised after-school tuition programmes. Advanced students can go ahead to study content that is above their school grade, while those who may be falling behind can go back to practise and revise.

Seth has been recently selected in the Southern Tasmanian U12 representative team as goalkeeper. He is also an orange belt in karate.

“Like studying Kumon every day, I know that to do well in hockey and karate, I have to be dedicated”, Seth says.

Seth studies at Kumon North Hobart Education Centre, which is ranked as one of three best tutors in Hobart. This Centre is led by his mother Carmel Davies.

“Seth was really why I opened Kumon North Hobart Education Centre in 2017”, Carmel explains.

“He was still spelling phonetically when we moved from WA to Tassie while he was in Year 2; I think he missed out on something fundamental earlier on. I think the practise built into both Kumon Maths and English was key”.

Carmel also says that Kumon’s benefits go beyond academics.

“It’s helped Seth develop positive habits, created routine, so he can manage his studies as well as all his other extracurricular activities”, Carmel says.

Seth’s story was also covered in the Hobart Observer. Click here to read more. 


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