Nine-year-old Ayson tackles calculus

Ayson hasn’t even finished primary school yet, but he can comfortably tackle calculus concepts that Year 12 students would find difficult.

Ayson, who is nine years old and in Year 4 at primary school, completed the Kumon Mathematics programme in September 2021 after studying it for more than three years. While completing the final levels of Kumon Mathematics this year, Ayson said he studied calculus concepts such as differentiation, anti-differentiation and integrals.

And beyond mathematics, Kumon helped Ayson to become more independent, because the worksheets are structured to develop self-learning.

“In Kumon, if you don’t know something in a question, you can look back at the formulas that were in the examples at the front, so you can get a much better understanding”, Ayson says. “This has helped me to become more independent in my learning”.

Being an advanced student has also helped Ayson to grow in confidence at school.

“Kumon helps you solve more complex questions. This helps you when in school because you have more confidence through knowing that you can solve a problem”, Ayson says.

Ayson hopes to become a doctor or engineer when he grows up.


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