Nicole sees big improvements during her daughter’s first year of Kumon

While Kumon is primarily a long-term study programme, it can lead to big improvements within the first year of enrolment.

Sydney mum, Nicole, saw dramatic improvement in her daughter Jacinta’s confidence and calculation ability after six months of enrolment with Kumon Mathematics. This was even to the point where Jacinta comfortably studied Kumon Mathematics one year ahead of her school grade level.

“What we’ve noticed already by being at Kumon is her confidence in the classroom. Her school has two classrooms for maths, and she’s moved up to the top classroom now, so that’s given her so much confidence and I’d like to keep that going”, Nicole says.

Nicole believes Kumon’s individualised approach to learning and the daily study habit it instils in students are key factors contributing to Jacinta’s rapid progress.

“I have noticed that if a student is struggling on something, they’ll get more repetition on that particular topic until such a time when they are comfortable they know it. Then, they’ll move on to the next segment”, Nicole says.

“So, every child will dictate the speed at which they go through Kumon.”

The first year of Kumon study builds each student’s ability to develop self-learning; the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it, without having to rely on being taught every new topic or concept. Confidence, a daily study habit, individualised learning and proficiency in the fundamentals in mathematics and English, are the foundations that underpin self-learning.

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