Natira wins scholarship through the support of Kumon Maths and English

Through hard work and dedication to his Kumon Maths and English studies, 11 year old Natira from Kumon Forest Lake Education Centre has been offered an academic scholarship for high school next year.

Natira has studied Kumon Maths and English programmes since 2013. Kumon Maths and English develops quick, precise calculation skills necessary for the study of high school mathematics, and strong reading comprehension ability.

Kumon students’ also progress at an individualised pace best suited to their ability.

Natira has completed Kumon English. He is studying Kumon Maths at the Year 10 high school level. He aims to finish the programme in the next two years.

“Kumon helped me by making me smarter. It’s given me more knowledge and information that will help me in my future”, Natira says.

Rany, Natira’s mum, says Kumon helped Natira to grow into an independent learner.

“Natira’s learnt a lot of patience, discipline, concentration and confidence [through Kumon]”, Rany says.

“He’s learnt how to focus on the job in front of him.”


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