Mischa pursues her writing ambitions with Kumon English

Mischa, aspiring author and studying Kumon English more than five years ahead of school grade.

Nine-year-old Mischa dreams of becoming an author, and is preparing now by studying Kumon English more than five years ahead of her school grade.

Mischa, now just finishing up Year 4 at school, was enrolled into the Kumon English programme at the age of three. Now, Mischa is covering critical literature analysis in Kumon English, a topic she would not have been otherwise exposed to until Year 11.

Mischa says there have been two big benefits of Kumon English for her reading and writing.

“Firstly, I’ve always been a fast reader and I think Kumon helped tremendously. Secondly, and most importantly, Kumon English has given me confidence and tips in writing interesting and well-worded compositions, particularly when answering questions in paragraphs or writing text pieces like poems”, Mischa says.

The Kumon English programme develops a high level of reading comprehension ability in students. To inspire students to read widely, the worksheets contain more extracts from published texts than any other reading programme in the world. Mischa says the text extracts in particular helped her to become a better writer.

“Many of the examples of pieces by excellent authors in the Kumon English worksheets have also helped me to build up my own writing style”, Mischa says.

“I especially liked answering questions about these stories, it really makes me think and become interested in them. I sometimes try to incorporate these authors’ styles into my own writing”.

In recognition of her achievements in Kumon English, Mischa was invited to Kumon’s 2021 Virtual Advanced Student Forum, held each year in November. Despite moving to a virtual format due to the pandemic, this forum is where Kumon’s highest achieving students are celebrated. Attending students also hear from a range of guest speakers and have the opportunity to network with one another.

Mischa says she is looking forward to event. Finishing the whole Kumon English programme is her next goal and step towards becoming an author.

“While it’s great that I’m doing such advanced work, it’s not my biggest goal. Now it’s in the past, and I’m still striving towards the completion of the Kumon English programme”, she says.

Noreen, Mischa’s mother, says that Kumon English can boost any child’s reading ability.

“It’s worth giving it a try. It has encouraged my child to read from a variety of books and other materials that interest her, for an extended period of time”, Noreen says.

“She would even ask me to buy those books that she read from her Kumon worksheets”.


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