Kumon Mathematics prepares Marcus for high school

Marcus, 13 years old, is already way ahead of his class as he can comfortably study Year 12 level mathematics material. Marcus is more than five years ahead of his school grade in the Kumon Mathematics programme.

This means Marcus, who is in Year 8, studies mathematical concepts such as differential equations and advanced integration. He says it feels really good to be so far ahead.

“It’s really one of my proudest achievements”, Marcus says. “It feels spectacular. It’s awesome because I’m able to take care of myself and can definitely handle the challenges I will face in the future.”

Marcus’s mother Carol says she enrolled Marcus because Kumon was recommended to her by a family member. She says Kumon helped her son experience strong personal growth, along with strong calculation ability.

“Kumon really helped his development”, Carol says. “Every day Marcus does all the exercises, he goes through all the questions, all the example questions himself, and then he works it out. I feel that’s really important for becoming more independent in learning.”

“Now, he has very strong problem-solving skills. He’s not just solely relying on asking teachers to help every time when he experiences difficulty.”

Marcus also says Kumon helped him to have a strong transition from primary to high school.

“Kumon helped me adjust to my high school by preparing me for advanced levels of education. This really helped me in my understanding of my Year 7 and 8 topics,” Marcus said. “It also helped me adjust by helping me with my organisational skills, like time management, responsibility, and efficiency.”

Marcus hopes to become a dentist when he grows up.


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