Lana masters Kumon English in one year

In just one year with Kumon, Lana went from barely understanding English to communicating fluently.

Lana, 13 years old and in Year 7, was born in Serbia. She attended preschool and early primary school in Belgium, before moving to Australia with her family. Lana spoke Serbian at home. She was educated in French until Year 4.

After moving to Australia, Lana enrolled into the Kumon English programme. She has studied with Kumon Mordialloc Education Centre ever since.

“When I started I knew very little English. Within a year’s work, I was speaking and writing in English with almost no mistakes”, Lana says.

Lana has completed Kumon English. She can read and write at the Year 12 level. In high school,  she is also in the accelerated learning program. She was also elected school captain in primary school.

“Kumon played an essential role in Lana’s English development, especially in essay writing”, says Lana’s mother Natasa. “As she only started to speak English a year prior, Lana becoming school captain in primary school made us extremely proud”, Natasa says.

“Kumon played an essential role in these achievements. We are very grateful”.

Lana wants to become an air force pilot or neurosurgeon when she grows up. She is also enrolled in Kumon Maths. Lana hopes to complete the programme by March next year.

If she achieves this, it means she can solve maths equations that university students study.


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