Kumon supports Srihari to enter selective school and excel throughout life

With the support of Kumon Mathematics and English, 15-year-old Srihari achieved entry into the academically selective Nossal High School in Melbourne.

Srihari, who began Year 11 high school this year, enrolled at Kumon when he was in Year 4. Srihari since completed both Kumon Mathematics and English programmes.

Srihari says this has been of great benefit for him throughout school, especially when he was preparing for the selective school entry test.

“Kumon helped me extensively to prepare very well in the selective entry exam,” Srihari says. “Kumon taught me the fastest way to solve problems, which in turn allowed me to attempt and solve more questions within the exam’s allocated time.”

His father, Sriram, says Kumon provided Srihari with great support, while he studied for entry into selective school.

“Getting into Nossal was a great achievement [for Srihari],” Sriram says. “I think Kumon helped him there a fair bit, not only from a content point of view but also a motivation point of view.”

“The centre knew he was preparing for the entry exam, so there was a lot of support provided, and encouragement as well.”

Srihari says the discipline and daily study he developed in Kumon still helps in high school, and will continue to help him in later life.

“I still use the Kumon concepts and methods in my day-to-day learning, and Kumon has also helped to with my resilience and to understand that no question or task is too hard,” Srihari says.

Srihari intends to pursue a career in commerce or finance when he graduates from school.


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