Kumon Standard Completion Time: the hidden benefits for your children

Have you ever been curious to know why your Kumon Instructor asks your children to write their start and finish time on their worksheets? Or what bearing these times have on the worksheets your children will be given next?

At Kumon, there is a measurement we refer to as Standard Completion Time (SCT). This is the time range in which we aim for students to complete their daily worksheet study as they progress through Kumon.

SCT provides concrete information to your Instructor about your children’s overall familiarity with the worksheet content. It is one of several key criteria Instructors use to determine whether students have the necessary skills to advance without difficulty.

When studying in centre or at home, we encourage you to guide your children to always write the start and finish time on each worksheet set.

We encourage you to keep reading this article to learn more about some of the hidden benefits of SCT for your children:

1. Your children’s work skills are seen and nurtured

Standard Completion Time provides a way for the Instructor to more fully understand your children’s work skills. If your children are able to complete a high volume of worksheets with a near perfect score in a short amount of time, we consider your children to have strong work skills. By writing their start and finish time on their worksheets, your children’s Instructor can know how quickly your children are working and can understand how comfortable your children are with the worksheets. The Instructor can determine what worksheets your children should complete next to further draw out their skills.


2. Your children experience the feeling of working with focus

We know children sometimes like to take breaks when completing worksheets. Guiding children to be aware of their completion time can help them focus and concentrate as they complete each worksheet set. If your children are focussing it is likely their pencils will constantly move as they work smoothly and quickly.


3. Your children’s learning is individualised

If your children complete their worksheets within the SCT, this indicates they are learning at the ‘just-right’ level, the area between work that is too easy and too hard.  The SCT provides your Instructor with the necessary insight to always give your children the worksheets they are ready to learn next. When setting the next worksheet set, your Instructor will consider factors such as how quickly your children are able to work through their corrections, overall study attitude, and their constantly changing ability.

Your child’s next worksheet set is always matched to their current ability, not according to their age or school grade. SCT provides your Kumon Instructor with a clear indicator of your child’s current ability.


4. Decreasing completion time indicates increased confidence

The time it takes your children to complete a worksheet will become shorter with daily practice. When students begin to study with increased speed, this indicates they are acquiring the skills necessary for study up to that level.  This also provides your children with a feeling of accomplishment. When your children have mastered these skills, they will do the worksheets with ease, and finish them in a short time while still working carefully and thoroughly.

If you have any further questions about your children’s worksheets, we welcome you to speak with your children’s Kumon Instructor – they would love to hear from you.


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