Kumon places Abeer on path towards becoming a mathematician

By studying the Kumon Mathematics programme at a level that is five years ahead of his school grade level, eight-year-old Abeer is well on his away to achieving his dream of becoming a mathematician.

Abeer, who begins Year 4 this year, comfortably studies Year 9 level mathematics at Kumon Byford Education Centre. Abeer says because of his advanced study at Kumon, he is confident in the classroom.

“Kumon gave me resilience, confidence, and taught me to never give up”, Abeer says.

Abeer loves to problem solve and is particularly interested in equations. This is why he would like to become a mathematician when he grows up.

Joyna and Dharmendra, Abeer’s mother and father, enrolled their son into Kumon to develop him into an independent learner.

“Kumon is a self-learning process. The children are encouraged to study the worksheets and find out the answers on their own”, Joyna and Dharmendra say.

“If they struggle somewhere, then the Kumon Instructor will help them. So, that is the most important thing I think, I wanted my kid to be an independent learner.”

Joyna and Dharmendra say they were very proud when they found out that Abeer was studying Kumon Mathematics five years ahead of his school grade. Abeer also studies the Kumon English programme three years ahead of his school grade.


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